The King’s Rage

Red Rage!

Such was the rage of blood rush

That spit hails of fire; Oh, plush pyre!

That razed fields which were once so lush

And made Victoria Falls lose her pure gush

As voices echoed; all in a hushed flush

The City’s grown dark with his fury

Vision’s gone black and blurry

Boatmen row off in such a hurry

Sojourners scamper, hosts scurry

For the King with his conniving jury

Sends out his soulless sentries

That he should avenge for the blood of his one true heir;

The Son he had to bury

The cold night creeps on lands desolate

Rich ones lay dead in lifeless state

Their riches plundered ‘cause they died intestate

Their Spirits with Ugly Owls ululate

Sadness, sorrow and grief they pullulate

The tardy moon reveals its tacky shine

As Survivors stare in the shadows of unbelief

The City reeks of Regal Mischief

Just as its Royal hallway reels in rude relief

9 thoughts on “The King’s Rage” by tosyn (@tosinosha)

  1. “Tyranny, and the search for peace!” Interesting read. I’ve never come in contact with new words than I did reading your poem sir. Typing the words in google as we speak, hmm. They were put to good use. Well done!

    1. thanks alot

  2. Honestly? I did not understand this.

    I enjoyed reading..and of course I got the literal interpretation..I just can’t help but feel there’s a deeper I correct?


    1. yes boss. a tyrannical king wrecks vengeance on people who happen to know nothing about his son’s death

  3. I enjoyed this especially the pain I went through to check the meaning of some these words. I just hope my brain doesn’t become too sluggish to put them into good use.

  4. As a way of offering criticism I ask the following questions:

    1. Do I need to read a poem twice, thrice or many more times to ‘get’ it?
    2. In getting the reader to like the poem, which is better- coercion or encouragement?
    3. What gives imagery life? ‘Exotic’ words, ‘exotic’ sentences or both?
    4. Did you by any chance use an excessive amount of capitalization within the lines?
    5. Is the Jet age and the Nigerian reading climate sympathetic to complex poetry?

    All ‘asked and done’ I must commend your ability to think abstractly and write intelligently. But did I enjoy this poem?


  5. Hmm…..’twasokay, but a bit confusing…

  6. Well from the little I know about poetry, I was trying to give an imagery from times past(a king and his jury as the authority of the land, sentries probably riding on horsebacks, served as clues to this). So I thought,why not use strange diction to depict this. I honestly thot it was allowed.(lol). Thanks for d critique though

  7. It needs editing.. I wasn’t feeling d whole -ush rhyming at d beginning, but in general I like it. Love d middle especially

    ‘For the King with his conniving jury
    Sends out soulless sentries
    That he avenge for the blood of his one true heir
    The son he had to bury..’
    Luv that! :)

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