Sweet Mum

Sweet Mum

Oh sweet Mother
thee, I suckled its breasts,
breeding me up like no other,
always with me, even amidst beasts.
Sweet Mother,
love and care for you I’ll till I die.

Oh beautiful Mother, sweet woman
so caring and loving,
told me to be strong and be a man
that amidst all odds I must continue striving.
Sweet Mother
love and care for you, I’ll till I die.

Oh gorgeous mum,
brought me into this planet earth.
I’ll always love and stick to you like a gum,
till your last days, when you’ll rest calmly in the arms of death.
Sweet Mother! Sweet Mother!
No one like thee, absolutely no other.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Mum” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. @ lactoo lactate him to a literary maturity.
    I like his inkflow!

  2. impressive for your age!
    You’ll wax stronger with time, i believe.

    1. Impressive? Age?

  3. thee, I suckled ITS breasts?

    ok na

  4. No wonder you call yourself Laactoo.

    Not bad.

  5. Thanks guys. I’ll do more.
    I just wanna do something for HER; my mum, all mums.

  6. Ada and kaycee, I know you guys are my number one critics.
    I suppose you’re to correct me, but I can’t see it.
    Whats supposed to be there, tell me.
    Well kaycee I’m eighteen. Old enough to write a poem. Already published a book. I’m not a kid anymore. Obi is no longer a boy.

  7. Everyone writes sweet poems and songs to their mum, when will the fathers get their day in the sun?

    1. Interesting question.

  8. I am sorry lactoo but I didn’t feel this. I would love to show you what I believe is wrong but since the age issue has cropped up, I would like you to tell me how harsh you want my criticism to be.

  9. I will want your criticsm to be at its peak. I think i’ll do more if it pinches me well.

  10. Whaddaya fink guys.

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