Story of our lives

Time Comes

Our Water breaks

As we slip out

Sparking a frenzy

We pine

Lying in cradles

We chuckle

And suckle

Watching others take on our hustle

Time Comes

We grow up,

We’re young


We fly

And its fun,

Reigning like the Sun

We get chances,

We spurn

Then we make hay,

While we can

Time Comes

We grey like hairs

Balding Heads

And dimming Eyes

And sagging Breasts

Leaving the beautiful Us in the past

An anti-climax of some sorts

Bringing the new Us an epiphany

That causes an epilogue to be written

Time Comes

For Curtain fall

We close our eyes

And embrace death

Knowing life was never a rosy bed

But hoping our graves are

15 thoughts on “Story of our lives” by tosyn (@tosinosha)

  1. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

    The ending did it for me.


  2. This is possibly the best poem I have read on NS.
    I salute!

  3. The ending…the ending. It was so good that it made a beautiful poem almost perfect. Nice job!

    However, I think your choice of capitalization to personify some words, while good was not executed perfectly. For example, should ‘Time Comes’ not be ‘Time comes’ since ‘come’ is a verb? I also think that ‘For Curtain fall’ should be ‘For Curtain Fall’ to be in harmony with your capitalization style.

    My criticism doesn’t take anything away from this poem: it is wonderful.

    1. Thanks alot. I appreciate positive stuff like this.

    2. Thanks everybody

    3. It was sweet . .Pardon those capitalization scheme.

      I love this…wud read this many times everyday….It refreshes my memory on some past memories..

      1. I’m glad it means something to you… thanks

  4. hmmmnnnnn….! Nice. I love this. Good job bro.

    1. thanks alot Engineer. I love your appellation… lol

  5. I liked it. Thought the transition from youth to old age was a bit abrupt (no middle age?)..but its a nice poem. Good one.

    I particularly liked that Time Comes motif…. Time comes oh, it keeps coming and we can’t stop it. Life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans…..

    1. I’m happy you like!

  6. Hmmm… I didn’t think it was this good when I first wrote it. It’s wierd but I think my poem just ministered to me.

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