The other child 5

The Consciences   ‘What do you want?’ he asked brusquely, not sure if he was imagining things. ‘I’m not in the mood.’ Ify changed from her twisted posture, after realizing it didn’t amuse him. ‘You see now you’re being very stupid,’ she told him carefully. ‘You can’t just give up like that.’ ‘Give up what?’ … Continue reading The other child 5

The Message Of Jonah

We stood confounded by the hillocks The little raised earth of corruption Our vanguard shifting from foot to foot Enjoying the pleasurable itch Of the “scratch-my-back-I-scratch-your- back” philosophy   The hillocks have grown into mountains Mountains and mountains that bewilder We have acquired more international titles: Terrorists… kidnappers… Land ruled by lunatic laws   And … Continue reading The Message Of Jonah