I felt my heart burning,
yearning for this girl they call Comfort.
I wanted to dive in,
it’d be better to wait till she says ‘come forth’.
This must be love
else I wouldn’t dare buy her hand glove.

Many many things I want to do,
to do with her, but above all tell her,
tell her I want us to be ‘duo’,
tell her, I don’t want her to be far.
I guess I’m drowning in lust
someone please find my heart, ‘cos its lost.

Owh! Comfort
come forth, come lay your chest on mine,
think and dream of you; I really ought,
not minding even to stand on a line.
Press your lips to mine
and I’m sure to be lost in heaven divine.

11 thoughts on “Komphort” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. Hmm. And by “hand glove” I assume you mean ‘wedding ring’…or what?

    If that is what you meant it to mean, i think it’s too far reaching a metaphor.

    Nice though.

  2. Thanks Seun. ‘hand glove’ from the writer’s pespective means wedding ring.
    I was just fighting for the rhymes.

  3. Thank you smartfingers.
    Albeit it was not a rap as you think. Its my nasty wishes. Fantasy about my dreamgirl. Although all is fiction.

  4. Thanks Adaobi. No doubt the poem is not that bad. Really okay, although its a teen fantasy, nasty wishes.

  5. The rhymes sound very forced, pulling the lines helter skelter. But the message is clear enough :)

  6. Thanks Whitman, the rhymes were forced but well calculated. just felt like expressing my naughty wishes.

  7. Hahaha, I just read it again and laughed

  8. Yeah. Dude I know its been long buh i’m here now to set things right. @louis Lactoo the lactating kid is still rolling.

  9. I enjoyed this, the end rhymes were effective in making the poem flow……

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