Imagined Reality

Imagined Reality

You creep up on me like a shadow

Slouching sideways, color as dark as a starless night;

You are my worst nightmare come to life

A creature in thought Fleshed out

with every choice I made,

My own Frankenstein drooling

Maliciously over my drawn out dreams;

I made you and yet you disobey me

I command you and yet you enslave me,

Creator bowing to created

Created lording over creator.

Dread trails me daily

Jabbing at me with gleeful harm,

Fear walks confidently by my side

Chortling with delight at my trembling steps:

Your minions dodge my every footstep

They do your bidding

as well as you do not do mine.

I’d say this was sudden but that would be a lie;

In my mind you were fully formed

Fully formed and very much alive.

I spoke you into being

From dawn till dusk

Till you were a faint apparition

before my unbelieving eyes.

Still in defiance I dared you to be,

With decisions that gave you the strength

To reach out and touch me;

T’was that touch slimy and cold

That gave me a start and made you so bold.

I can hardly send you back now can I?

When fear holds my tongue and dread imprisons my heart.

My despair created you

But my hope will kill you;

If I could but speak

Only speak…

6 thoughts on “Imagined Reality” by estrella (@estrella)

  1. great…
    what then is this…imagined reality?
    do u even know what that is….?

  2. @Seun…one word from the master himself and it is intense? i am honored! lol! thank you!
    @Kaycee…speechlessness in the form of a ‘wow’ is enough compliment for me..merci!
    @Adaobi…of course i know what it is but the question is do you?
    we all have faces that we create in a bid to preserve ourselves or to hide from what we know to be the seed of greatness in us..the problem is that when that face or persona we have created takes over our real selves with our permission,consciously or unconsciously,then our imagination takes a dangerous turn to becoming a reality and finding yourself can be hard…the persona could be fear,or humor or anger…whatever it is,the message is simple,don’t loose yourself in it..use it and discard it when need be…thanks for reading!

  3. Wonderful! You have rocked poetry to its foundattion with this! I like the way the simple yet interesting presentation of the poem encouraged me to be patient and think through lines I didn’t understand. I personally feel poetry is much about imagery than big words and this poem aligns with that belief of mine.
    I also like depth of the Creators monologue. It is so deep that we really don’t need the Created to tell us what it did except what it is.

    One problem ( question )though; why does ‘Fleshed’ begin with a capital F?

    You have done well. Thumbs up!

  4. @Samuel..thanks for taking out the time to even read it luv…as for the fleshed out sentence? that was a typo that my usually keen eyes missed..thanks for noticing it..cheers!

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