If I Could Tell You

If I Could Tell You

Touch me down deep, within depths of my soul

Because I love you so, I lose control

Please do not-do not let me-let me go

I keep thy beautiful spirit aglow.


If I could tell you, if I could tell you

My joy, you I adore, you mi amour

Never let me go, never let me go

Within my heart I keep this love aglow.


Now night falls; thinking of you light my dark

My sweet melody in silence, my spark

The sweetest music from my heart that flow

Like a blessing your loves on me bestow.


If I could tell you, if I could tell you

Mi amour you I have be waiting for

My morning light, my first thought of a day

I will love you for many a long day.


8 thoughts on “If I Could Tell You” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. As we don start again now…

    I like. It’s okay.

    1. thank you every one

  2. me too go post love poem na.. guess love na the strongest muse. nice work

  3. Nice poem, I hope the person gets it…

  4. Beautiful poem Chisom. As for language, I am curious about “mi amour”. Spanish would be “mi amor” and French would be “mon amour”….Is this on purpose?

  5. Didn’t flow well for me.

  6. I dnt know what to say really. But its more like a rap song. A few typos; ‘loves’ ‘be’ instead of ‘been’. Find them.

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