I rise even taller

When we fall and hard we fall
Disgruntled memories invades the feeble mind
Joy fades away and sorrow lingers on
The feeble minded bewitched by the alluring features of life
Eyes deceived by love’s camouflage…
Beauty and enchantment lies in what’s hidden..
For we are too blind to see what’s real
We are blinded by our lust for what’s fictional
The beauty of life lies in its complexities
Even more beautiful if u overcome its complexities…
I fear not to fall hard and get bruised
For I rise even taller after every fall

I’ve learnt never to live in regrets
For they only set u back
I only look back to them to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice..
No one is perfect
I’m a perfectly imperfect soul
That’s what makes me human..
The strive to reach perfection keeps us going
I learn from my perfect imperfections..
We are only natural by our imperfections.
It only graces our minds back to reality
When we fall and hard we fall sometimes
Far from the life of fiction we led while we stood tall.
Life is only telling us we are drifting from reality
I fear not to fall, for I stand taller after rising from every fall.

We blossom in our pains
Tears and being disturbed interjects one another
They remind us we are still human
We dwindle in sorrow
We glow in joy
Human nature is what makes life complex
Life is the mirror that reflects the trials and tribulations of man
Pains could be cruel to the eyes
But it re-awakens d soul
I shall fear not the pains as I fall
I shall fear not to fall
I shall rise & stand tall after every fall

Beneath the tears of a woman lies deep sorrow
Behind the masked face of a disturbed man
Lies hidden tears & scars
We cannot outlive our designed years nor short-live them
We can remain fallen when we fall hard
We should fear not to trip
We should learn to stand taller after every fall
We should rise faster than when falling
For we learn more about life
We learn more about the path we walk on after every fall
I fall to rise taller after every fall
I rise and stand even taller after every fall

7 thoughts on “I rise even taller” by wordsworthgwary (@wordsworthgwary)

  1. It’s okay.

    Really okay.

    1. WordsWorth…hmm .. .I reserve my comments

      1. In relation to…?

  2. Too long. Repeating the same gist.
    But its okay.

  3. this is a very beautiful poem…
    deep and insightful 2

  4. Reads more like a motivational speech to me. There are a lot of beautiful and insightful things you have brought up in the poem but their effectiveness is weakened by ‘varied repetition’ (if you catch my drift) and insufficient crystallization to moving imagery. Shorten the poem; it might give the poem a sharper edge.

    Read Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream speech’. Paradoxically, you just might get what you need to give this poem a tremendous boost.

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