Festac Poetry Festival 2011

The Festac Poetry Festival ( FESTPOETFEST ) is a cutting-edge performance based event blending Poetry and selected genres of Music ( Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, R&B et al ) together to create a distinct artistic product fit for admirers of Music and Poetry. A big part of FESTPOETFEST is designed to inspire Nigerians and Foreigners positively and drive them closer to achieving their own dreams. This is not intended in any way to limit the scope of the event as the all round entertainment of our guests is guaranteed. We are disposed to offering an international annual experience serving as a forum for established and upcoming poets to mingle in view of exchanging ideas and experiences while respecting and appreciating their diverse cultural backgrounds.

We are not unaware of how similar initiatives have recorded successes in cities such as New York, Vancouver, Medellin, Johannesburg etc. Did I hear you ask: Why Festac? Well!! Why not Festac? In case you have not noticed, there is a natural attraction between Poetry and a small town which can be fascinating and many times refreshing. Besides, Poetry is a modest art that leaves a wholesome impression on its audience and performer same as this small Nigerian south-western suburb of 7 Avenues in Lagos, Nigeria. For those who might be first time visitors to this town and Nigeria, be informed that you will be part of a community at home with Art especially Music. A cluster of warm, realistic and fun-loving individuals who love life to the fullest.

FESTPOETFEST is an audacious brand that aims to emulate and surpass small town heavyweight festivals like Woodstock by drawing positive attention to the beautiful city of Lagos. If adequately supported, this initiative can become a major tourist attraction and foreign exchange earner. The event will hold over two days on a lush green field opposite Festac Town’s Police Station. There will also be exhibition stands for food, drinks, books and numerous lifestyle items. The event will be streamed live on the internet and will have extensive Media Promotion and Coverage. Organizations will be able to showcase their products and services during the Festival. FESTPOETFEST promises to be an unforgettable event.

Program Schedule

Date: 17-18 November 2011
Venue: Victory Park, 206 Road, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.
Time: 11am-5pm daily.

Features: Poetry Recitals, Music and Dance Sessions, Book Exhibition, Guest Lectures, Comedy, Poetry Contests, Award Presentation, Refreshments on a hourly basis etc.

For more information on how to register and participate, contact us @: creativecafe1@gmail.com, ariyatoday@gmail.com, +44 2082271772, +2348028015967.

Festac Poetry Festival 2011 is supported by Ariya Today, Ark Media, Terra Kulture, and The Lifehouse. www.twitter.com/ariyatoday

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  1. This would be fun.

  2. This would be fun. Of course I will miss it!

  3. This could be fun. Of course I will miss it!

  4. The description is enticing and shows it will both be entertaining and educative. I hope to be there… that’s if I am in Lagos by then.

  5. At last. Thank God.

    So those ‘poets’ can leave the ‘writers’ alone now…abi?

  6. This would be fun!

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