What A World!

What A World!

When you toil all day
Putting all you have and time
Like a man forever thinking of the world to come
And people frustrate you
When another toils far lesser
Doing nothing but rest all day
Like a man seeing not beyond the day
And people eulogize him
Oh, since the world is not ours to control
Calm we must always be
Working as we walk in whatever direction the world takes us
For love’s sake
Oh, what a world we cannot explain
A world greater than all great sciences
Yet appearing often mysterious
We can’t but remain humble
For love’s sake

17 thoughts on “What A World!” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. Very stupid….this world!

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it stupid. I’d just say…a lot of times it feels pointless.

      Pointless and hopeless.

      1. It appears to be an indescribable combination of misery and melancholy, thanks kaycee and Seun-Odukoya….

        1. Another one….that makes 4. What is happening???

          I pray for that calm ooooo…Honestly, I need it and I crave it more and more.

          Thank you….

          1. accept my flower of thanks Shai…

  2. Very humbling that we can’t always figure out ALL that the world is. We just have to live amidst all of the mysterious occurrences in this world. Nicely written, short and straight to the point.

    1. thanks Falomo…

  3. An enigma, this world…

    1. great enigma, a mysterious mystery, thanks Ray….

  4. this world, really!

    1. @adaobiokwy … yes, this world… thanks for your comment…

  5. Yes, they say life , at times, is unfair. However , l hope this piece inspires us to work in spite of some possible lack of recognition and gratitude in our workplaces!. l personally do this with the knowledge and belief that there is a Supreme Being who notices our good/bad deeds, and little noble efforts. Good piece.,

    1. @starrider … you’ve said it all… thank you for dropping some insightful lines from the reservoir of your heart’s beauty… hoping to read more of your poems…

  6. @innoalifa I pity life. So many insults its recieved but still we are still living it!

    1. @ufuomaotebele ………we are still living it ooo dear…….I’ve discovered that life is neither a bed of roses nor a rose without thorns…………….

      1. @innoalifa you don buy bed wey come with roses before?????
        Nothing is given freely ooo.

        1. @ufuomaotebele, na soooo dear…….. just as nothing good comes easy, nothing goes for nothing ooooooooooo…………

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