This is my cult

This is my cult

This is my cult

Here violence is adored

So much blood and gore

Savagery, a treasured lore


Scribbled on several careless pages

A list…of victims

Piling, screaming so loud

Bearing scars from toddling strikes


And in this cult are brothers

Born of various bloods

Striking rainbow perspectives

Horning verses in pleasant rhymes


At the helm, a cap-on

A great light, musing

Sailing our Secret Communion

As we interact under a sleeping world


Awake in the initiation

Of several dissecting lashes

From palms hardened by ink

Awaiting my transition

Through a free verse rites of passage


And emerging from the den

Kitted in battle regalia

My weapon dripping blue blood

On age-long temple scrolls

Springing modern symbols

Pristine, even cherubic

New testaments, carefully lettered

As I await the laurels


Over time I fallowed

A hermit on a farm of metaphors

Shedding off fancy milk teeth

Chewing beyond mere root-words

Bone-words, now victims of my gore


Cracking, they beseech

Stirring loud screams

But I am now brutalized

In heartlessness, surely circumscribed


My brothers know not mercy

No such virtue in this doctrine

Dissect, horrify and if I choose, pamper

With such divine impunity


In the temple of great minds

Homer and Shakespeare beckoning

I offer my sacrifice

A libation of recitals

Obeisance, for hours

Nose-deep in these pages

Seeking refinement…and more blood


These words, humble toys

I pinch, hammer, transform

Forcing screams…and blood out

As they come alive


Gallantly I bestride the night

Solitude a loyal ally

This blank page, a worthy accomplice

Words…sheer victims


Then I prowl the grounds

Like a ghost, unnoticed

Manufacturing scary scenes

An uncensored escapade

Licensed to strangle you in your sleep


This is my cult

No divides between low and high born

Nobility defines us

Forged by talent, the muse and work

Minds refined through circumcision


This indeed is my cult!

Certainly here I belong

A scion from a timeless beyond

A recidivist, gutting words, spilling blood

An initiate, flagging a titled deed

In this noble cult of poets

12 thoughts on “This is my cult” by Itodo Samuel Anthony (@makeway)

  1. Splendid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tony, you handled this like a master…toggling between experience and inspiration.

    Good imagery, excellent tone, your theme is rounded and inspiring.
    and your spirit…as i await the laurels

    Guy i see you know your rope properly. no exigencies on the elasticity of your poetic license.

    I love this piece!

    1. Thanks. Toggling between experience? I hope you don’t mean what I think you mean…I no get that kind experience o, let’s say is purely inspiration, shall we?

  2. I am not decieved, I know a confra boy when I see one.
    Where are the ant-icultists O°˚˚˚!
    Wonderful piece sha.

    1. Thanks fella. I don’t doubt the authenticity of your sight…good thing you did not see me, you only read me!! Send your anti-cultist after the Boko Haram terrorists…they should be more useful there.

  3. This is indeed a wily piece. Well done.

  4. beautiful!
    carefully woven…
    u nailed it!

  5. OMG! I salute.

    But, please check: “Horning verses in pleasant rhymes” – honing, I fink u meant to say.

    Now to other matters, who are these cultists???

  6. @Adaobi, thanks!!!

    @Shai, thanks. Yea, ‘honing’…and I thought I corrected that a long time ago… Thanks again. These cultists? Na you know o!!!

    1. Ahhh… hmmm. Cold catch u?

  7. Nice one man. Nice one.

    As per all the ‘confra’ innuendos and allusions and assumptions…I say:

    It takes one to know one.

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