The Battle

The Battle

The drum rolls,
hearts beat,
the battle is near,
only few are aware,

its not the first of its kind,
neither will it be the last,
the rules are the same,
retreating only sounds insane,

for some its a battle of fame,
to lose is a matter of shame,
for some its a battle to compete in,
gladly shunning the role of a victim,

for some the battle is won,
just before it had even begun,

The battle, The battle!
It is a battle of wills,
its a battle of the mind,
faint sounds of the battle cry echo in the distance,
smiles beam on the faces of ‘the prepared’,
uncertainty skims the psyche of the fainthearted,

The battle is not a battle to be won,
Rather it is a battle to be endured

17 thoughts on “The Battle” by mikesfrequency (@mikesfrequency)

    1. Sankyo very mush sir. But bad? Getting there…or not :-D

  1. i was so engrossed as i d poem unfolded cos, i wanted to know what this great battle was…
    infact…in short…i ditto @Smartfingers…”guy, u bad!”

    its (it is)not the first of its kind,

    1. @Adaobi Okwy: :-D I’ll try to be good, I guess :-D Thanks a bunch. Correction noted.

  2. They say u ά̲̣яε bad? Like a sinner?
    Jesus is coming soon. He is on his way, it has taken him over 2000 yrs.

    1. lol.

      @Mikesfrequency I like this. This battle of life thing at the end…please I need small clarification. Is it in reference to the end-time battle or is it in reference to people fighting their own personal end-time battles (death that is)?

    2. You dis @Kaycee ehn! :-D Okay I will repent o.

      @Shai, in answering the question, I’d just say ‘The Battle’ can be related to ‘Success’, it’s never a function of destination, it’s a daily thing. So it is safe to view it as constant daily struggles with Life issues as it were not end-time battles though.
      Thanks for your comment too. :-D

        1. @shai: You’re just a clown. After all my oyinbo explanation, you’re still yimu-ing

  3. @shai, its the battle of life’s trials i guess

    1. Yeah exactly or Life’s issues. You’re not wrong.

    1. Thanks Sir Raymond. I’m honoured.

  4. i do not have much to say but-“well done sire”

  5. yea! itz da battle.. hehe anyway not bad… i lyk da poem.

    1. Thanks for liking!

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