Sexual Maladroitness

We are behind these walls alone

Tonight we will be each other’s own


Like a lion does its prey

We are tearing at each other

There are no sheets to lay

Just me and you and no other


Aggressive desire

Uncontrollable fire


Shirts, skirt, trouser, boxers, pants

Role-playing- Adam and Eve it is

Quiet moans, soft groans, frequent pants

We just put reason on lease


Baby! Baby!

I know you are coming


For love, I gave you chance upon chance

Fingers buried in my skin, sweat dropping

It is near the end of the trance

And as always I will be left wanting


Exhausted, you roll off

Frustration is all I think of.

27 thoughts on “Sexual Maladroitness” by Straightme (@oluwafisayomi)

  1. Oh.


    No fair. And the walls begin to crumble.


  2. i like this too

    i think that, Like(As) a lion does its prey…would have rocked here as it describes and compares not just a comparison…hope that made sense?

  3. I see Απϑ I saw Απϑ I wonder… U̶̲̥̅̊ know what these kain things do to ë.
    U̶̲̥̅̊ re one lucky sister…straightme.
    Go Απϑ sin nno more.

  4. Yes, go Απϑ sin no more. Bless ƔǒƲ.@ U̶̲̥̅̊ know who.

  5. Telll him what you want, jare…

    Nice one.

  6. @Seun, lolz.. U bet d walls sure crumbled.. Glad u like it
    @Ada.. Tanks, u liking it goes a long way.. hmmm, dey r synonyms I guess..eida one blows, but tinking about it now, ‘As’ woulda been nicer ..
    @Shai, I tink I heard my name..lolz.. U kno how we do now.. Tanks
    @Myne, a girl can b shy sometimes ;).. Tanks, I m honoured..

  7. uhmmmm….why didn”t you just say “a girl can be shai”

    1. that’s a nice suggestion… *thinking.. hmmmm, I ll pass.. ;)..

      1. Lol, pass by here o!

  8. This is nice, but I keep thinking that perhaps an actual ‘encounter’ inspired this piece. Well done…

    1. Scopeman why do u wanna open a “can of worms”eh?

      1. I think I’d like to see the can open myself. The poem actually sounds like the voice of experience. I hope “he” has read this.

        1. Can it just be imagined.. Come on…

          1. It’s too vibrant to be merely ‘imagined’. Something must have spurned this.

            Come on. Spill.

            1. Hmmmm… Well… Can of worms , we had better not uncork it..

              1. lalalalala!!! Winks.

  9. Hehehe….kpele. Nice one.

  10. Lolz.. thanks…

  11. Hmm, Aunty, pls tell Oga oh! All dis ‘chance upon chance’, hmm, u go just dey, dey roast 4 dia.. If u’re nt ‘happy’ afta, tell Oga, and if Oga is tired, give him Red Bull!

  12. I like the dude jare! Just do your thing and leave the rest…lol

      1. SMH X 2!!!!!!!

        1. @kaycee, really? Dese things happen and being african doesn’t help… God forbids †ђξ girl says she aint satisfied… Smh too…

  13. See baby, if you want more, abeg ‘Ask for more!’
    Nice one, really nice. I love the rhymes and the message is as poignant as the ‘thing’!

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