Saturday Brunch (3).


“I’m sorry, Lucy which Babs is this?”

“Uh! Chinelo, are you asking me that? How many men do we call Babs?”

“Ehn! It’s a lie! Kitan’s Babs? The… em… em… the Owotomo guy? Ah! Oh my God! That’s his wife?”

“Yes Chinelo. Imagine! I can’t understand why Lucy would agree to invite her here.”

“Oluseeni? Are you mental? Why did you invite her? What if… what if she knows?”

“Please! Does she look like somebody who knows anything? Just look at her. Such an innocent little born-again. If she –”

“Lucy, shh. She’s coming.”




“Wow. Lamide, that was fast.”

“Oh. Yes. He was getting the food ready when I got there, so I just, I just came back.”

“Oh right. Thank you.”

“Em, Ki… Kitan, I just thought I should ask you something. I don’t know if… if it would be ok?”

“Of course, why not? After all, you’re one of us now, right? Ask me anything. Ugh, Lucy please, stop looking at me like that. Lamide, you’re free to ask me anything jare.”

“Ok. Em… I was going to ask… Em… Has your husband apologized for what happened?”

“Uh, yes. He has. If there’s one thing Ayoola is good at, it’s apologizing. He has been begging me since I moved out. He has begged my father, begged my mother, begged my brothers. He has sent me texts, cards, presents, all kinds of bribes…”

“And do you think the apology is genuine?”

“Er, well, the thing about Ayoola is his apologies are always ‘genuine’, you know, in quote. But the fact that he’s apologizing today doesn’t mean he’s not going to do it again tomorrow. If I move back in with him today, I give Ayoola a month, tops, before he gets drunk again and remembers that he has a punching bag at home.”

“Oh, ok, so he drinks. Do you think that’s the problem?”

“No, Lamide, the problem with Ayoola Wright is that he’s an insecure little piece of crap!”

“Ugh! You know what, Kitan, you’re angry, we get it. But stop whining. I’ve had it up to here. Lamide, did you know that, M, my dear husband, once gave me gonorrhea?”

“Oh my God! No, I… ”

“Of course you couldn’t have known. You and Babs weren’t even on the scene then. That was about 5, 6 years ago, 2005 or thereabouts. M gave me an STD. And what did I do, Kitan?”

“Lucy, are you really comparing your little gonorrhea episode with what Yollie did to me?”

“Hmm. You see, Lamide, even before that, M had been all over town, having flings with Unilag girls and all sorts here and there. I knew what he was doing. He knew that I knew. But I never challenged him. You have to understand Lamide. Men will be men. The perfect husband is a myth. There is no man alive who will not do something unforgivable to his wife. Gba bee. That’s what Kitan doesn’t understand. What a woman must do with a man is learn how to manage him.”

“Preach it, Sister!”

“Chinelo, please, this is not a joke.”

“Er, Lucy, I know. You’re right, in a way, but… ”

“Lamide just listen. When I discovered that M had given me gonorrhea, do you know what I did? I fell down on my knees and I gave God the glory. I said, thank you Jesus! Thank You for giving me the weapon I need. At least it was just gonorrhea. Not HIV. That’s how I knew it was God. Hmm. Immediately, I got the test results – in fact the doctor was still talking to me about treatment – I ran out of the hospital and I drove furiously to Mama Olaposi’s house. That’s my mother-in-law. Oh, you should have seen me! I wept! I wailed! I said ‘Mummy, I’m dead! Mummy yee, e gba mi! Mummy, Mayowa ti pa mi! He has killed me!’ ”

“Lucy, we know all this.”

“Kitan, Lamide has to hear the full story. Lamide, do you know that that same afternoon, Mama Olaposi herself drove me to another clinic near her house and she personally bought me the antibiotics I would use to treat the gonorrhea. With her own money. Of course, I knelt down and I thanked her then I left. I already knew M was in soup.

“But I didn’t stop there. Immediately, I called Layiwola Jenrola, the one acquaintance that I know M dislikes the most because of his big mouth; and I begged him to please sit M down and talk to him for me, that M would not be satisfied till he brought AIDS home to give me. Of course, as you can imagine, Layi didn’t wait for the day to be over before he broadcast the news to the whole of Lagos.

“If I remember correctly, it was even this same Yollie who called M and asked him what was going on, that everybody was saying he had infected his wife with HIV. By the time M got home, he couldn’t look me in the face and ask me anything. That same night, his mother arrived at our house and gave him an earful. And then she insisted he drive her back home, that she couldn’t sleep in the house of an elete like him. Hmm, when M finally gathered the courage to apologize to me, even I felt sorry for him. By then, all his friends knew, people at church knew, all his employees at the company knew. And you know how M is at work, very proper and no-nonsense and condescending. He was so ashamed.

“It took him six months before he had another affair, the bloody womanizer. But I didn’t even care, I had made my point. Since then, M knows, nothing can happen between me and him without a condom. It embarrasses him but he can’t say no because he knows that I will reopen the gonorrhea issue. And every time I ask for something, M can’t refuse because he feels guilty. That’s how you control a man, Kitan. That’s how you keep him on his toes. You don’t whine and complain and remain bitter. You take the weapons in your hand and you use them. And let me tell you Kitan, this thing that Yollie did, it is a big weapon.

“But just imagine if I had packed my things that time and taken the children and stormed out of the marriage, people would sympathize, of course, but then some silly girl would have moved in here and M would eventually marry her and she would make sure she removed me from the picture completely. Where would I be? With my parents? With my sister? A divorcee, single mother with three kids, who would marry me? Who would care about me or my children? Who would even respect me? In Nigeria? Please! If you leave a man like Yollie, Kitan, then who’s next? Who would you marry?”

“Lucy? Me? Kitan Bashorun? I could get ten men today if I wanted. And who says I have to marry anyway?”

“Yes, ten men Kitan. But is that what you want? Flings? Think about it. How many sincere men would even approach Ayoola Wright’s ex-wife? You’d be surrounded by all these desperate boys, gigolos looking for money. And the ones who aren’t gigolos will be unserious older men just looking for a good time. Don’t be foolish Kitan. This is Nigeria. Yollie is security, Kitan, and every woman needs that kind of security.”


—————The fourth part should be the final bit. Where everything comes to light. At least I hope so. Can you guys stand two more instalments of this??? Pls lemme know what you think of all the above drama. Thanks guys…

12 thoughts on “Saturday Brunch (3).” by Gboyega Otolorin (@guywriterer)

  1. Really and honestly…I am enjoying it.

    It does get a bit complicated though…due to the fact that all we’re reading is dialogue and more dialogue…it’s hard to tie the characters together in memory. I have to shuttle back and forth to know who did what with who when and to who…you dig?

    But it’s cool. Shows me more than anything else…the strength of well-written dialogue.

    Well done.

    1. @seun
      its true about the story getting complicated and going back and forth. its basically dialogue and it makes me remember what a friend once said when i wrote a book. he said you gotta have a life in not just the characters you build but the whole book.

  2. i ditto @Seun about having a hard time tying down the xters(this is a gossip na) but really, there is something great going on here and i don’t think one episode would settle it but, that’s up to you…up to the strength of the one you call final episode.
    i really want to beat up that woman talking about M(is this REALLY a name?). Some women are so…hmm, let me pretend I have lost track of what I was about calling her!

    nice one!

  3. This has been my best instalment so far. The dialogue is very reall and the rapport between the women palpable. By now, I’m beginning to match a personality to each woman, but it is really difficult to be honest.

  4. Myne, Adaobi, Seun, I am loving ur comments! Thanks a lot.
    Sori it’s still difficult to follow. I’ve bn trying to simplify it so it’s easier. But I don’t want to put the name of the person speaking in front of the dialogue, like in a play, cos I feel like that would subtract 4rm the style I’m trying to achieve. Anyhow, lemme giv a short synopsis here so it’s less confusing:
    1. Kitan Bashorun is married to Ayoola Wright (nickname Yollie) who beat her and made her have a miscarriage. She moved out and now her friends want her to move back in..
    2. Oluseeni Olaposi (aka Lucy) is married to Mayowa Olaposi (nickname ‘M’). She’s the one hosting the brunch and she’s the one who invited Lamide..
    3. Chinelo Nwadinobi is married to Ike Nwadinobi who smokes. She completes the trio of friends. She also feels Kitan should go back to Yollie..
    4. Lamide Owotomo, the guest, who is married to Babs Owotomo. Babs does business with M, and Lucy invited Lamide cos Babs asked M to ask her to. Both Kitan and Chinelo know Babs but they’re uncomfortable with his wife’s presence..

    And @Adaobi, the next one may not be the final one, that’s why I was asking, just to see if ppl wanted more of this brunch drama.. Hope the above helped. Thanks for commenting guys, keep reading….

    1. YOU should NOT have done this!

      Let’s keep enjoying the mystery and mental flexing…that’s part of the mystique of this piece!!! And since you said it only has one part remaining…

      Anyhow sha.

  5. I L♥√ع dis so much.. Ts so real n nice, I agree ts difficult to keep up with.. Pls, keep it coming..
    @ada, can u imagine wat goes on ȋ̝̊̅̄N̶̲̅ some women’s heads..I feel like slapping some sense into her too..

  6. Confusion or no, it is interesting. U write well.

  7. Oga Raymond, thanks. Very simple compliment but its exactly d kind of thing we all want to hear..u’re too much jare..
    @SeunOdukoya, sori oh! I was jst trying to explain cos ppl said it was confusing.. and I’m not so sure part 4 is d final at this point. It’s too long, going to split it into 4 and 5. But 5 will def be d last one…. at this rate, I’m just praying ppl can stomach d ending… Keep reading! Thanks.

  8. Don’t cut it too short, and I like that you confirmed what I was thinking. Bring it on..

    1. Ok Myne…loving the enthusiasm!

  9. I didn’t like the first part so much, but I must confess I’ve warmed up to it now.

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