Ode to Nigeria


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Green gem of Africa

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Our motherland in Africa


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Our country our bounty

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Our homeland our dwelling


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

One nation beautiful people

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Diverse culture one


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Highly favored naturally blessed

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Future of Africa and pride


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

We are proud of thee

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Thy sons and daughters to be


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Do away with thy guns and knives

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Live in peace for survival of lives


Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Viva la Nigeria

Oh Nigeria our Nigeria

Viva la Africa.

14 thoughts on “Ode to Nigeria” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. this reminds me of the reasons i love reading your works.
    thank you 4 reminding us that we’re one cos these days, i really blv we’re individuals…not tribes/cultures or whatever!

  2. nice one, thumbs up. Just a few typos. Welldone job chaa.

    1. could u plz point out one of these typos…

      1. i ditto you! lactoo, WE WANNA SEE THOSE TYPOS

        1. @lactoo, you seem to see typos that you never mention, wanna see the typos you oftn see, we could learn from there…

  3. This is mostly fluff and no base. But hey, you’re probably just trying to be patriotic.

  4. Nice.

    But, I fumbled over the “Oh Nigeria our Nigeria” bit after a while.

  5. Bravo, simply and nicely written to express the mind of a patriot…

  6. Just there. No offense.

  7. Oh Nigeria our Nigeria,
    Thou who hath been harased by Boko Harass…

    Nice one…

  8. I am sorry to say this but the poem does not evoke the deep feelings you intend it to. The “Oh Nigeria our Nigeria” lines remind us that you are passionate about Nigeria but the over repetition and the lack of very visual/strong lines to buttress your feelings (as expressed through the “Oh Nigeria…” lines) leave us empty; unable to understand what we stand to gain from reading this poem a second time.

    Your title also contradicts the poem. An Ode is “a lyric poem, usually expressing exalted emotion in a complex scheme of rhyme and meter”. Your poem is too simplistic and bland to pass for an Ode. Lines like “Our motherland in Africa”, “Our homeland our dwelling”, and “Do away with thy guns and knives” should have been given more life or substituted with something richer. I also think that the use of “thee” and “thy” should really not be used in modern day poetry-they have actually become cliches (in my weird and personal opinion though)

    “Our country our bounty” doesn’t seem right to me. Even though bounty can mean a generous supply of something, I believe it usually conjures up the image of getting rewarded for finding a wanted person-and you don’t want people’s thoughts drifting in that direction do you?

    You did bring up important concepts like National pride, peace and longevity but I am afraid you didn’t spend time to refine the poem and make these concepts shine, most especially for the fact that you are traveling on a well worn path.

    Please accept this criticism in good faith. I have nothing against you or your style. I just feel it could have been way better.

    More grease to your elbows

    1. thanks for saying maybe i need to improve.

  9. I grasp the passion and intention, even though they do not manifest in actionable lines of the poem.

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