Love..A four lettered word or a four edged sword?

Love..A four lettered word or a four edged sword?


I am in Love.

He is in Love.

She is in Love.

They are in Love.

She sings as if she is Love.

He talks to her as if he is in Love.

Jesus died for us because He was in Love.

And He stands on our behalf because He is still in Love.


She calls him always because she is in Love.

He  dreams of her next to her because he is in Love.

She sleeps with him because she is in Love.

He does not sleep with her because he is in Love.

She thinks of him first because she is in Love.

He thinks of her always because he is in Love.


Juliet pretended to die because she was in Love.

Romeo committed suicide because he was in Love.

Juliet took her own life because she was in Love.

Yet, some people cannot define Love.

Yet, some people have their own definition of Love.

Yet, some people Love one for a second and Love another for a minute.

Yet, some people jump into Love, and wait for Love to tell them what Love is.


Love can be simple and Love can be complex.

Love can be black and Love can be white.

Love can be a pushing force, and Love can be a pulling force.

Love can be anything and Love can be everything.

Love can be a reason to Live and Love can be the beginning of death.

Love can be tabula raza, and Love can be a crowded painting.

Love…oh Love….Oh Love…


What are you?

Who are you?

15 thoughts on “Love..A four lettered word or a four edged sword?” by somto (@somto)

  1. love this one
    Love can be a TABULA RAZA
    Thumbs up!

  2. @somto oh I am in love….with this piece. Hehehe…u know what I love about it?

    Check the first stanza…see how the lines undulates? Visually I mean. Oh my!!!

    That was something, dunno if you did that intentionally – but Good Job!

    U know what? I will send u a message inbox.

    In btw though I noticed this:

    “he dreams of her next to her because he is in love with her” – I guess that is a “HIM” right?

    1. Messages on here seems problematic….can we talk on BB or yahoo?

      1. hey Shei! am glad you liked it! The first stanza was done on purpose and i was afraid it might be perceived as being repetitive…but you got the message! and on your correction, well noted!! woild send you a message and lets see if that would work :)

        1. Cool…bur norring yet. Tick, tock, tick, tock…lol. No Boko Haram BS o!

  3. My wonderful nature poet,
    this is nice…

    am thinking itz tabula rasa or is this poetic license?
    b) i really don’t see the connection between itz meaning and the application here…lol. please help mua!


    Love…oh Love….Oh Love…=this ended the 2nd 2 the last verse…maybe it would work beta if…

    Love…oh Love…Oh Love
    What are you?
    Who are you

    I say this not cos yours didn’t rock but cos, the lata kinda refreshes/reinforces the ‘confusion’ of the poet…just a thot.
    discard as u plz…plz

    1. Oh my Darling Ada, thank you for your comment!! You know what my philosophy teacher in Uni taught me as ‘tabula raza’ and if it is wrong dear, I am happy i know his name and face cos he will be giving me my school fees back!! lool.. AND the connection is that I was also taught that ‘tabula raza apart from its literal meaning also means a clean slate aka vacant, empty…hence the line ‘ love can be tabula raza or love can be a crowded painting’

      I like your version about the words, because it indeed draws the whole piece to a better ending!

  4. Now I like this poem a lot.
    And somto writes like someone I know in the real world.

    1. Thanks Kaycee! And who knows, the real world is such a small one, we just might know each other :D

  5. lovely poem, bringing out the truth about the most excellent thing in life, love and only love….

    1. Thanks Innocent :)

  6. nice poem with the visual undulation and all…you did well…but i was still looking for some of stuff…poetic devices …

    well done

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