Black, no milk and sugar please

Black, no milk and sugar please

It hit me like pins, and I quickly scanned around,

But nobody looked or behaved strangely;

Again just me, feeling this thing.


I cannot contain this longing,

Even the dead can hear my heart throbbing.

My inside has defied gravity,

And they have traded their respect and dignity,

For simply what I am about to water them with.


What the inside of my inside feels,

Is a nameless emotion.

An emotion that makes feelings question its existence,

And this power is enough to burst the seams of my heart.


I know when my heart stops beating,

I would not stop breathing,

Because it has happened before.

I died once but I had never been more alive.


How do I know this?

Because the cup held my hands,

And the desire showed me.


I feel its warmth on my lips as I inhale its immortal scent,

Absolutely nothing like the garbage called air.

While my eyes are already wide open,

This immortal, divine scent awakens me.

It puts the smile on my face when I already have my mouth wide open,

And I begin to see things differently as I float through air.


I inhale so deeply, ever so hard,

As intense as I refuse to let it go.

I feel it soak into every cell of my body,

And I could cared less if I become possessed.


Its warmth burnt my saliva up in flames,

As the volcano erupted as I swallowed.

From beneath to the top I feel the pain,

And from top to beneath I relish the flow.


I was less concerned about this emotion,

And how I had let it be the reason I am alive,

Only if I knew this thing I called desire,

Had its own desire to owe me completely,

But yet, this was one master,

I was ready to surrender to without being asked.


A the volcano erupted deep inside my insides,

And it began to change the very reason for my existence- sleep,

The little man in-between my legs had its own agenda,

To cast this desire back to its sender.

I am yet again consumed by another force,

As I watch my desire leave me in form of brown liquid called urine.

And the only thought on my mind is,

Next time I go to the coffee shop,

I will make sure I ask for more milk in my coffee.

13 thoughts on “Black, no milk and sugar please” by somto (@somto)

  1. Don’t know what people like in coffee anyway;too bitter.

  2. it’s the taste and d aroma…i like this piece,like my hot coffee on a chilling morning.

  3. “Absolutely nothing like the garbage called air”. Love that line.

  4. Hahahaha… Nice, but I don’t like coffee though.

    1. Coffee was indeed not made for human beings in

  5. All this beauty for coffee? You try o.Enjoyed reading.

    Well done!!!

    1. Yes o! all this love for coffee :)

  6. As a coffee lover, you have my vote on this.

    1. Aww..Thanks Lade :D

  7. Hahaahahah…for the love of coffee …
    Nice one.

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