Never Alone

Its’ petals were dying,

Other flowers could see it,

Some flowers were smiling,

For they could not wait to occupy its space.


The stalk could not stand anymore,

It was no longer fruitful.

It had been deprived of its sun,

It had been deprived of a lot of things.


Once green, now brown,

Once straight now bent,

Once surrounded with friends, now standing alone,

Until she came along.


She flew around looking for shelter,

She flew around looking for food,

She flew around and she saw it,

She flew away, but she flew back to it.


Tears rolling down her eyes,

For she saw life leaving it.

She flew away because she could not bear it,

She flew back because she could help it.


She saw the cause of all this sadness.

An enormous tree, spreading its branches,

Its branches spread all over the space, covering the sun,

inhibiting everything this poor fellow needed to smile again.


And as the sun rose that morning,

She flew to a branch and made way for the sun to pass through.

In her sweat, she inhaled and pushed the branches away.


He felt it, he felt hope

Something was happening,

Life was happening.

Strength was coming upon him,

He was standing, he was trying,

Then it was gone.


Looking around, he saw nothing,

For a minute, there was hope,

In another, there was darkness.

The bird flew away because the sun was gone,

But she had another plan.


Looking at himself, he was no more.

Petals drop daily and timely,

Sleep eluded him for everyday is dark.

People take the piss at him,

Even the ants dump their food at his root.

Then he saw all of them,

In that darkness, he heard all of them.


Flock of birds, all perching on a branch,

The sunray coming through over their head,

Hitting him like electricity,

Jolting him straight up,

so much better than photosynthesis.


The fear of death all swept away,

The tears of fear all wiped away,

The garment of death all torn away,

The smile of hope is worn again.


Every morning before the sunrise, they perch,

Giving way for the sun to rise on me,

Giving way for me to stand again,

Giving way for me to live again.

Once brown, now green,

Once dying, now alive,

Once broken, now whole,

Once alone,now surrounded.


17 thoughts on “Never Alone” by somto (@somto)

  1. You give me hope, my dear.

    1. I am glad I was able to do that :)

  2. Now there’s a lovely message in here but I was distracted by the change in pronouns. Is the flower it, he or I?

  3. Thanks Myne… The flower is a Male but depending on the state of the sentence, I kept changing the pronouns.

  4. Thanks for your reply. I think using just the one ‘he’ would have sufficed. Just a suggestion though.

    1. Thank you for the advice. I would work on that :)

  5. My fav nature gal…
    u really give hope. I feel fresh!
    I agree with @Myne though…it was it and then he/she…


    1. awww..thanks Ada..Ok..The flower is it/he and the heroic bird is she! (no harm here guys :) )

  6. So vibrant. So alive.
    Well done.

    1. Thank you Seun :)

  7. Lovely poem somto,with a message of hope to booth.

    Well done!!!

    1. I am glad you got the message of Hope. Thank you!

  8. U r a very good poet.

    1. Thank you Raymond, I really appreciate that :)

  9. Subtle, soft and caring

  10. you inspire me

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