Beautiful stranger
I hear your voice over the phone
Tenderly telling me you care
And that you’ll be there.
But I dont know you
Secretly i may love you
Secretly i may care.
But I know if it was in flesh,
I won’t care
I might lose my night’s sleep
Talking to you.
But in flesh,
Even if you were hit by a jeep,
I might not move an inch.
Countless hours of sweet pillow talk,
Talka erotica,
Yet if I’d been with you in flesh,
I would have been deaf & dumb.
Over the phone,
I might be your friend.
But in flesh,
I may be a fiend.
It’s a thin line between action and words.
A thin line called commitment.
I might be commited on the phone.
Encourage & inspire you.
But maybe in flesh,
Your encouragement would have been
“Go to hell!!!!”
You might be lucky enough,
To get the cyber love in reality.
But i might as well be your nightmare in reality!

27 thoughts on “Reality” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. I like a man who has his feet firmly planted on reality! Well done Candyman, this I love a lot!

  2. @candyman…you have my thumbs up for this. keep sharpening the skills

    1. for the first time ever,you commend my work without query.two things involved;it’s either a sign from God or you didn’t read it.:)

      1. lol.

        Learn not to preempt people bro. It does more harm than u might ever know.

        Nice poem, won’t say more.

        1. xikay is very critical.and i learn alot from his if he’s saying nothing…hmmmm

      2. @candyman did you read my piece on the Black Poet and the White Girl? if you read it, you will know why i have no other comments than this..

        1. on my way to read it sire

  3. Beautiful all the way. This cyber/virtual world’s really something to watch.
    I honestly do love this piece all the way!!!

    1. merci beaucoup

  4. No disrespect to no one…but I do feel like this is…okay. Forget it.

    I feel you man. I feel this.

    Nice one.

    1. fill the dotted lines.feel like this is what???

  5. Nice One, Candyman.
    Is the line(commitment) actually thin?

    1. we humans always ignore the little things in life.worse of all,we make big things out of it. commitment is a thin line.a very thin line.but….nowadays…the story is different…

  6. People still do that night call thing? I had a terrible experience over a beautiful voice who turned out in real life to look like a…..

    1. @kaycee no be only you,,,, i met with one in Millennium Park and i was praying for the day to wear off so i could cut out

  7. Very nice. Food for thought for “cyber love seekers”. Good job.

    1. cyber love works…but when it translates to real life,the true bitter nature of each individual unveils

  8. I hope Xikay reads this…

    1. he likes it!!!

    2. i read this and it happens to talk like one of my writings…its something that has come to stay…cyber love. we all do it and most times we really do not care for the person we are so cyber loving, especially when we meet and realize that Photoshop and cyber voice can be deceptive

  9. Hehehehe…So Xikay has become the Poetic god on NS eh?

    Not bad though…

    1. maybe,maybe not..but his analysis always makes sense…that’s for sure

      1. For real! Everly makes sense…but not a god …..(…..)

  10. I love the subject matter and the presentation. I also love the choice of ‘image blocks’ to build the whole poem. It worked…and now you have a very good and funny poem.

    1. thanks sammy…

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