Memories, just memories

Smiling face,

Brightening grace,

In a sweet place,

Memories,just memories.

Holding hands,

Fondling bodies,

Kissing lips,

Memories,just memories.

Pulling clothes,

Making love,

Without gloves,

Memories,just memories.

Sweet love,

All the while,

Different styles,

Memories,just memories.

Reaching peaks,

Making promises,

In and post orgasm,

Memories,just memories.

Now you are gone,

You have forgotten all your promises,

And you leave me with….

Memories,just memories.


18 thoughts on “Memories, just memories” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. Love can be painfull at times, but at least you have the memories. Nice one, but remember to leave ons space after placing a comma. Keep writing.

  2. Nice, and do take Myne’s advice.

  3. thanks for being honest …

  4. Haaa.

    Felt embarrassed reading some of the lines of this poem. I wonder…if its a good thing that despite my age/experience I can still blush…

    I like it. It…sigh.

    Too many memories. Well done.

    You’re good o, this guy. Don’t stop.

    1. thanks…. i wont stop…

    2. you are blushing at what?

      1. Blushing at none-of-your-businesses!

  5. jst left with memorie, memories of LUST…


    Nice piece

    1. well…a memory is a memory

  6. Funny and deep

  7. Memories indeed..

  8. memories are like the ashes of a fire. sometimes, that is all we have left- good or bad situations.

    i liked this poem. it was simple and direct yet very artistic.

  9. This is good.

  10. Hehehehe….Not bad.

  11. Candyman has done it again…this time not Mayonnaise, but something similar still Memories. U like the letter M o!

  12. Nice one. Love the way you wrote it. Feels like you wrote it from a female’s POV? One wife, lotta memories, that’s what I think keeps a man happy na.

  13. Well described and easy to relate to. Why is it that most promises are made during intercourse?

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