Haiku Born Of Boredom

Haiku Born Of Boredom

These haiku were written during a chapel service this morning, during which I was bored almost to death. I guess boredom can inspire too.


He thought he loved you

I showed him how wrong he was

And now, he’s with me.


Why don’t you get it?

I will never marry you

I just love your food.


I made a new friend

She did a very bad thing-

Nabbing my lingerie.


I’ll buy you a car

Take you all over the world

Don’t ask for my heart.


Don’t ever be poor

A poor man is a dead man

What are Cougars for?


Men sure make me laugh

Why do they always assume

That you are in love?

30 thoughts on “Haiku Born Of Boredom” by Miss Sarah (@tokuharash)

  1. I like this very much…the simple nature of it, and the shortness of the verses.

    Good job Sarah. Will be reading more from you later.

    1. Thank you,Shai

  2. The stanzas all seem to be different poems. They don’t follow at all.
    Am I missing the links?

    1. Kaycee…check for the definition of Haiku.

      It’s all separate poems.

  3. Sarah. I. Like.

    Trying to figure out what I like more though. The Haiku or the ….

    1. I like that you like both the haiku and the…

  4. @Seun…I don’t think they are separate. Again, I may be wrong.

    But I fink ‘cougar’ is a type of car, yea?

    “…I’ll buy you a car

    Take you all over the world

    Don’t ask for my heart.

    Don’t ever be poor

    A poor man is a dead man

    What are Cougars for?”

    1. a Cougar is an older woman who dates young men just like a sugar daddy and his gal only the other way round

  5. @sarah, you are going places. i have not written any haiku but these were good

    1. thanks, pseudo-bro

      1. just delete the pseudo and add THER…*winks*

  6. Sara, the poem is nice. but since it’s haiku………it should be in three lines of five-seven-five. that’s the normal structure of haikus. just move the lines…and you’re there.

    hope you understand…

    Nice work all the same.

    1. check your middle lines….most of them are not up to seven. that’s my point.

      1. i wobbled over the count…

  7. Finally got it…complete seventeen syllables. never mind…guess need to sleep.
    nice work.
    keep it up!

    1. Thanks. I think I actually made an error, though :)

  8. a haiku is not just about the 5-7-5 syllables in 3 metrical sections,what is said is important but what you left unsaid may be more important.Haiku is more concerned with human emotion or with experience than with human acts and nature is used to reflect or suggest that emotion.

  9. What the heck is haiku? Sounds like a konfu fight stance, I don’t have time to check. @Seun, @xikay, tell me juo.

  10. boredom….is really inspiring…

  11. @Kay…It is a Japanese still poetry writing…so u re close bro, with the ‘Konfu’ comparison.

  12. I wish I could be this bored…Nice poems U got here…

  13. Boredom definitely works for you. Lovely poem

    1. Thanks Lade.I’d rather not be bored though

  14. Nice one. I am now convinced that I should study Haikus

  15. Wondering if the moras are finely structured, haikus go by such controversies most often.
    Beautiful and nice line anyway.

  16. Exquisite and dainty.

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