Dream Goddess

Dream Goddess

Like a gazelle
She steps gracefully
Leaving a trail of scent
Strong enough to raise the dead
She’s gat eyes like the full moon
That can turn a man into a werewolf
She’s gat fire in her eyes
That burns in her every gaze
She’s gat looks like a goddess
And her touch is a miracle
Everything she touches turns to gold
Her kiss makes one see spirits
Only those whose souls are made pure
By alcohol’s blessing
Have the right to see.
The warmth of her breasts
Can make one immortal
She’s a goddess in human flesh
More beautiful than Aphrodite and Venus
More charming and graceful than Aglaia,Europhrosyne and Thalia
A goddess that only exists
Everytime i close my eyes

37 thoughts on “Dream Goddess” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. Open your eyes, and you will stop seeing things.
    Nice poem

    1. i like what i see

      1. one day you go see wetin pass ya power

  2. Shayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NS don dey madt o. First it was an ode to weed…now one to a goddess of beauty only visible when the writer is ‘dey’d’!

    Okay o. You try.

    1. the writer isn’t high.he’s only saying that her kiss can make a man high..

      1. d poet is high according to u,
        “Only those whose souls are made pure
        By alcohol’s blessing
        Have the right to see”

        1. the poet drinks ,that why he sees the sprits.he’s saying …her kiss can make him see those spirits.

          1. Honestly?

            You sound high. Not to mention confused.

            Come back when you’re sober…read through your poem…and then read through the comments.


            1. exactly…i’ll give that advice too

      2. na lie…it says you only see here when you have MANYA and YO patapata

    2. Wait till u see some stuff in the cooler.

      1. i’ve seen it.the porn stuff you wrote.

        1. I will not respond to that barb, Candyman.

          But, there are other levels to that poem.

          1. One is the carnal experience you refer to, though there is a regretful side to it…the last lines are emblematic of a nymphomaniac persona. Imagine what it is like for those fellows.

          2. The drilling of oil wells and the different motions and processes engaged in to hit a crude oil well. If you took the time to do a bit of research, you will find that some of the terminologies actually add up: “oil well, well cured”, “Countless bores expended”, “Down! Down! Till a ‘hit’ is scored”.

          They are all actually related to oil drilling business.

          You can help find other meanings beyond these ones that led to my piece, after all we are all learning together.

          1. you wont reply at all.yeah.you wont. i liked the poem.and i saw it from both views.in petroleum engineering,there’s a term called fingering.was “half-pulling” your leg.hehehehehe.

            1. lest i forget,fingering is in music too.

          2. there’s fingering in music too…lest i forget that too..you dont have to explain that piece to me.i totally over stand.

              1. nope.creativity.shai is very very creative.

  3. @Kaycee, @Seun…maybe he is a ”free spirit” o…well done Candyman.

    1. @Irene, HOW DARE YOU! How dare you equate drunkenness with free spiritism. I take this very personal. I are the last and the Only free spirit. Yes, I are.

      1. hahahhahahahahahaha

  4. Lol!@Seun and Kaycee…

    This is a tribute to shayo. Its only when u’re drunk that u see things. I wish the poem had ended with bitter reality hitting the narrator…that would have been hilarious.

    still…Nice poem !

    1. this is not the song of a drunkard.it is the song of a dreamer.check again.trust me,waking up from a “very good” dream is enough bitterness in itself.

      1. it is the song of a drunkard Mr. @candyman

        1. drunkard ke???

  5. very good poem.
    beta if u’d stop telling us what it’s about and what it’s not about…that’s not poetry. poetry is universal and someone could take this and bring out something totally ‘mind blowing’ which u neva even considered. just relax okay? this is good. allow us to chew…lol!

    1. i give up!!!!!!!

    2. Ada…thank you.

      A fundamental element I have found here is people not willing to let others find meanings to things themselves…twice or more I av been made to see other meanings to pieces I wrote here.

      U learn and av to take all on board….

      1. i get it now….noted..

  6. there is kai kai and ganja inspiration in dis poem@candyman,u take some b4 d scribble?

    @seun,@kaycee,lol!@Ray,u don dey madt,hehehehe

    1. @uchechukwu ;i wrote this poem in my very innocence and soberness

    2. i am thinking in line with Uche

  7. nice poem here, hilarious. i read through the comments here and caught fun big time…bross this poem says only when you are drunk do you see here…and by that, she is an imaginary vision, not a real person

    Only those whose souls are made pure
    By alcohol’s blessing
    Have the right to see.

    A goddess that only exists
    Everytime i close my eyes

    1. Quite imaginary, full of ‘intellectual gingers’…LOL

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