Broken Horn

Broken Horn

Oh, Africa land of my ancestors

I see your horn breaking in pieces

what is a bull without his horns?

who are these stick figures walking to their deaths?


Children made ancient with hunger

skins falling away from hollowed bones

eyes, twin pools of sunken torment

who are these pitiful shadows of life?


gruesome, pathetic and tormenting

the land is baked, carcasses strewn

fragile tents, no match for the elements

Horn of Africa, your children have not

strength to cry, but manage their tearless moans

grand-mas and grand-pas walking, swaying

my helpless heart breaking, appetite flying

I hear some human beasts have

diverted funds meant for healing

currupt leaders, almighty commerce

and love defeated by greed

Let me write some of this pain away

and pray G8, G7, G6, G5 or G whatever

will lend some compassion and some dough

for I hear their climate abuse is liable

Oh, Africa land of my ancestors

what is a bull without his horns?….


23 thoughts on “Broken Horn” by irenecarew-bako (@irenecarewbako)

  1. Ask them!

    Sad indeed our plight…but there are lots of more positive pictures to put on display…tell CNN and all those guys to stop that shit!

    I feel. Well done.

  2. @Seun, this is not about them putting up negative pictures….the drought in the horn of Africa is for real and very gruesome, and we should help the world see this, and garner as much help as we can, while campaigning against climate abuse which is speeding up the destruction….thanks as always….

    1. @Irene, the drought is for real no doubt. Made so by the ruling parties in those countries when they rejected and banned foreign aids and even now, some still claim they haven’t lifted those bans. Am so very sure that even in the midst of that famine, some of their leaders still dey ‘party hard’. It’s sad and I so wish I can be of personal, financial help. The outside world is ever so ready to help. The problem lies with the black man who is so stupidly killing innocent people for what?!!!

      1. @Ada…na wa o my sister, and AU just sit dey look. My sis, u no get money but you get pen abi keyboard….thanks o, how you dey?

    2. the drought is for real indeed. only today, 19 people die while those Food aid people had tonnes of food stocked…God help us

  3. Well written. Can’t remember CNN celebrating our African culture as widely as they celebrate the ruins and hunger in Africa.

    1. My

  4. @Ada, you know what they say….”bad news is good news” tells you how sad the whole world is becoming…anyway, its up to writers like us to tell our own tales in our own way….

  5. Without CNN and ALJAZEERA the world might not know the extent of the African malady. They are only doing their jobs.

    1. @Kaycee…quite right Kaycee, how far?

    2. And what ‘job’ would that be…dear Kaycee? Showing only negative things about this country/continent? And you wonder why some of our white ‘relatives’ still think we’re babarians…when the only information they have is from…

      Look. Tell them leave us alone. Who died and made them ” anyway?

    3. they can do their job without all the stupid pictures…good things dont happen here abi?

  6. if I had any more tears…
    beautiful all the way.
    I love what you did here.
    thanx 4 a good read.

  7. Beautiful but depressing poem. Good job.

    1. @Igwe…Thanks my brother, how have you been?

  8. adams (@coshincozor)

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhmm cant say nothing now

  9. @Adams….I wonder?

  10. It’s really funny. They try to point out the log in our eyes while neglecting the one in theirs. They are just focusing on the bad aspects for the newsworthiness, cos, sadly, bad news sells more than good news…

  11. the message was quite good. well done for that. however, looking at this as a poem is hard… poetic devices are almost totally absent…looks more like a speech in verse…

  12. @Xikay….speech in verse? What if I may ask is your definition of poetry? Na wa for you o…

  13. Wow great vibe there.. You were so in ur it

  14. Only GOD knows whatever happened to irene….one of those who really encouraged me when I first came here.

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