Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

She’s the girl with the soft lips
She sways with the hot hips
She’s hot like the fire tips.
She tells me with her lips
that she’s mine for keeps.
Oh My!
But all I do is make her cry.
She’s tender like jelly
Soft like macaroni
Precious like a baby
But all I do is cause her pain
As if its gain
I dont know why her pain turns me on
I dont know why her tears make me high
Her eyes are the prettiest stars
But they glitter with teardrops
Her lips are the softest
When wet with teardrops from her eyes
She’s most beautiful to me
When misery adorns her face
I’m a monster
Her misery is my treasury
Her pain is my cocaine
I only love her when she cries
I’m sad when her tears dry
You dare not cause her pain
Only I reserve the right
To make her miserable
Like Judas when his refund was rejected.
pain is love.
Thats our love
We are Beauty and the Beast

22 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. *Strolling past…I wonder whether she feels the same way… >_<

  2. Na the kain kinky shit me and xikay dey analyse be this…the girl must like it if she dey dere na.

    I like it sha…but with rhymes like ‘hot like the fire tips’?

    Is that the best you could come up with? Why not ‘fire pits’?

    Nice though.

    1. fire pits…i only use that when i mean torture.i thought of it.but try holding the tip of a burning fire wood…maybe you’ll understand.

  3. nice. heh heh.

  4. @ seun..i tot of fire pits…bt fire pits is smtn i wud use to connote destruction…
    As for the gurl’s feelings,i’v noticed that people cling to lovers who hurt them.because they just believe things will get better.

  5. It was almost painful reading this but that could be reality for some.I like the rhythm!

  6. Yeah, Candy monster eh? Well, if she is fool enough to take it, then she deserves it…very nice piece by any standard…well done as always.

    1. candyman for now…not candymonster evolution has not taken place..yet.

  7. Absolutely love the writing of this but not the story it tells o! Oyinbos have a name for this guy’s malady..eish!!

  8. Emmm, was this inspired by drakes rap in Rihanna’s What’s My Name? I didn’t say copied o

    1. I don’t think this comment is fair. Apart from the soft lips there’s no other similarity between both write-ups.

    2. not inspired by drake’s song.soft lips:-one of my obsessions.
      @myne thanks for defending me.

  9. I only pity the poor girl in question.

  10. @Kaycee…my thoughts exactly…@Candy…tread softly.
    @Mercy…I have come across people in these situations before. In this our Naija. E get name sha.

  11. the guy in question must be madt and i recommend @raymond therapy for him. nice poem neatly wrapped up. a few touches here and there…some slack lines…

    well done

    1. @xikay when you say slack lines,please tell me the i do no t end up making the same mistake over again.but if you just say “some slack lines” i may never know which one.thanks

      1. check the first four lines…read them separately. the article THE weakened the lines

        also, some of the similes that followed were also not as apt as you could manage. soft like macaroni…is,…
        precious like a baby is okay but it could have been better

        you definitely did well…its only that it could have been better given your talent

  12. I pity your sorry bum when she sues you for assault. LOL…

    Nice poem going on with the rhythm and rhyme. Well done.

  13. This sounds hip not something classic like beauty and the beast was, you know like something ever green. Good effort.

  14. kinky! that’s the appeal.
    do people really live like this?

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