NaijaStories Partners WAKApedia

NaijaStories Partners WAKApedia

Update: The first selections of stories from NS appeared in the second and third issues of Wakapadia, and can now be found on their website at

We will be sending the following two stories for inclusion.

1. Join the Queue –

2. Okon –

Please leave your suggestion with the link if you wish to be considered. And if you live in Lagos, ask for WAKApedia any time you’re in a BRT bus. Send us a picture of you with the paper opeened to an NS Story and win an interview and feeature. Cheers.




Thanks to all who submitted their entries for publication in WAKApedia.

We have gone through the entries, and we will be forwarding ‘Burn the Mallam’ by Stan and ‘For a Vote’ by Raymond for publication.

Please continue to forward any of your contributions on Naija Stories that you would like published in WAKApedia.



WAKApedia is a free bi-monthly light reading Blogpaper with a collection of actual content that deal with different topics ranging from Personal experiences, Finance, Health, Community Service, Entertainment, Satire, Fashion & Style and other stuff you really want to read about on a Monday morning.  The first edition of WAKApedia is  out today Monday May 9, 2011. They are available on all the LAGBus routes in Lagos. So while you’re on your way to receive those dreary briefs, grab a copy of WAKApedia and enjoy some minutes of relaxation before your week begins!

Feel free to contact Wakapedia on Facebook ( or Twitter (@WAKApedianaija) or send an email on Let them know what you like, what you don’t, what you think they ought to do to improve, or to massage their ego! :)

NaijaStories is a proud sponsor of Wakapedia and we are offering our writers the opportunity to be published in Wakapedia. For this time, publication in Wakapedia will be without remuneration, but you will be getting enhanced publicity. Your story will be read both online on this website, and in a physical paper too thereby getting you more fans and future all-round readership. Each month, we will select two stories to be featured in Wakapedia and members will be eligible to nominate two of their stories. If you want to be considered, please either mention the title of the story or link to it in the comments. The accepted stories will be announced here on the site in time for next month’s call.

Welcome to WAKApedia, where you’re served knowledge on the go!

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