Walk Away Or Stay Put.

He would beat her for the most trivial of reasons. If breakfast was not ready by 7a.m every day, except on weekends, then she had served trouble for herself. He would take out his belt, the one he never wore, and swing it this way and that. When he’s done, he would return the belt to its special space in the closet. Then he would sit by her side as she wept. The tears never dropped from his eyes, they just hung loosely at the corner of his eyes. He would place his hand across her shoulder and pull her close to himself. He would whisper softly into her ear; words she knew he meant, but she never understood why he hurt her over and over again.
She would look at the belt marks on her body, and then into his big brown eyes. She would see those years when their marriage was filled with nothing but joy and laughter.

The next time he brought out the belt, she knew she had to do something. She wanted the beatings to end permanently. So when he left for work she went to see her mother.

“How long has this been going on?” Her mother asked her as she pushed her big round glasses up her nose a bit.

“Six months”, she replied.
“Do you still love him?”
“Yes mum.”
“And you still want to be with him?”
“He’s not a bad person mum, I know I can…”
“Do you still want to be with him?” Her mother echoed loudly.
“Yes mum. I want to be with him, but without the beatings.”

When she left her mother’s place she knew what she had to do. She spent the rest of the afternoon packing her things into boxes. She kept the boxes at a corner in the room. When he returned from work, he ate dinner and went up to the room; he did not notice the boxes that were kept at a corner of the room. He just went straight to bed and slept off.

When he woke up the next morning, the boxes kept at a corner of the room were gone. He got ready for work and came down to the breakfast table. He sat down and opened the dish in front of him. He looked inside and instead of food he found a note with his name on it. It read:

“I love you but I hate the beatings. I

am tired of trying to cope with both. Living
with you has become a plague and it’s not
my fault. I dreamt of you as a father and I a
When he was done reading the note, the tears that often hung loosely in his eyes, but never dropped, now flowed freely down his face. It was all clear before him now- she was gone. Meanwhile, she was at her mother’s house hoping that he got the hidden message in the note she left for him.

I love you but I hate the beatings. I
am tired of trying to cope with both. Living
with you has become a plague and it’s not
my fault. I dreamt of you as a father and I a

100 thoughts on “Walk Away Or Stay Put.” by Scopeman (@scopeman60)

  1. I didn’t know it had ended, was scrolling down for more…
    Nice and short.

    1. I’m glad you like it Kaycee, I just didn’t intend it to be long and obviously conclusive.

      1. thank God you did not..would have killed the story

        1. I agree with you.

  2. Okay, that ending was a bit abrupt. I guess that’s why they call it flash.

    But does it mean she wants him to find her, whether or not he was ready to change? I dunno…

  3. “I love you, but I hate the beatings….” I think that the note she left was clear on her desires. She would love to be with him, only if he changes for the better. Telling him her location was a way of saying that there was hope still if he did the right thing.

      Scopeman. I hate you.

      I HATE YOU…YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?!

      1. Ah! Presido, wetin I do na, abeg no vex for me o, I neva ready go back to that our joint o, Nurse Mercy will just kill me, abeg…

        1. Lol…

          You wouldn’t believe what that girl has been up to lately. I cannot believe it myself.

          She’s coming back here soon…watch.

          1. Ah! Nurse Mercy is coming! Anyways, there are fresh ‘victims’ for her now on NS, she wouldn’t bother herself with stale meal like you and I, abi?…

            1. You would be surprised.

              Just be chilled. She’s coming.

              1. My fingers are crossed and shivering altogether, God help us!

            1. Xikay, na long story o, ask Seun Odukoya, he’ll gist u more…

            2. why dont you just tell me

  4. This is just beautiful man. Beautiful and sad.

    I wish it didn’t end there. I want to read some more.

    Please…can I put my own spin on this tale…? It would be a continuation of sorta…but I wouldn’t call it that…so as not to spoil this one.

    Thanks. Great job.

    1. I’m glad you like this really, it’s been quite a while since I put a story up here, just thought I drop this…..and if this has inspired you to write some sort of sequel, please be my guest, I would love to read someone take this further, and I trust u will pull that off nicely.

      1. Thanks man. Thank you.

        I will let you read it first…and then…put it up for public consumption.

        1. I would really appreciate that Presido, thanks again!

          1. Okay. Sequel’s almost done. Will be ready by next week…God willing.

            1. That’s nice! Looking forward to reading it soon.

              1. You know what happened?

                I finished the ‘sequel’ and then felt like it was crap and didn’t do justice to this one so i just scrapped the whole thing.

                I apologise.

                1. okay, but u should have let me see it still, at the least…

                  1. Okay then. I’ll send it you…maybe via facebook or something…

                    1. That would be just fine, thank you!

  5. Nice. Guess she was hoping that her current condition (pregnancy) would soften him since she still wanted to be with him.

    1. “current condition (pregnancy)”? I didn’t mention her being pregnant though, but it sounds like a pretty good addition to the story, perhaps I could use that to explain his cruelty towards her. Thanks Igwe!

      1. I think Igwe would draw that conclusion from her closing lines…and also most likely that something would have spurred her decision to have had enough.

        Interesting sub-plot. I would bring it to the fore.

        1. O! That’s so true! I see that now. I guess she really was pregnant afterall, lol…

          1. so now you wrote something and you did not know?….chei @scopeman60 is gone with the weed of inspiration

            1. lol… not so o, I don’t do weed for inspiration, I use focus and divine concentration, trust me, u’ll get soo high!

  6. Very, very lovely Scopeman.. Easy flowing and enjoyable..I also wanted it to be longer..

    1. Thanks Mercy, and sorry it wasn’t longer. Short and effectual does it for me always…

  7. keep the flag flying bro…’beat and love’… no be gud tin oo!!

    1. Thanks Emmy, it’s not acceptable at all…

  8. na wa o! @scopeman60, na correct one be this. i was wondering why the note looked disjointed.

    you really had me. but i wonder if a hot headed mad man like the man here would be able to decipher her message.

    PS: i heard women liked men that beat them? (*_*)

    1. I doubt that very much Xikay, no one loves cruelty, I haven’t met any lady yet who loves a man that beats a lady.

      1. What Xikay means is that some women are kinky that way…some men too. They can hardly get off if some spanking (sometimes severe) choking and some very bizzare things are done to them.

        Me, I walk the straight and narrow road. I like it that way.

    2. i walk the straight and narrow way too.

      however, i was not mincing words when i say some women liked men that beat them. a girl said it was a sign of deep devotion. another said she liked the petting and pampering that usually followed the beating sessions

      1. I agree. However if you re-read your post again…you’ll notice that you didn’t add soi ‘some’ to the ‘women’. You just said ‘women’. That’s why scopeman responded like that.

        That’s why I answered him. Get it?

        1. my bad. but the SOME women are plenty o!*dont punch me for that*

          1. well, in that regard I think I agree with you, there are some ladies with that kind of preference.

        2. i never seem to get the reason. there was a friend of mine whose boyfriend used every excuse to batter her. nothing i said changed her mind. “he loves me, that’s why he beats me” she would say

          1. That’s just sad man, so sad *smh*….

          2. @ xikay, your friend needs help to think that a man who loves her will be hitting her like that. Some deep insecurity or self esteem issues underneath. get her some help aight!

            1. this is hilarious..beat and love…soounds like drum to me..

              just for clarification..what do you mean by ”you walk the straight and narrow way” (@S.O & Xi-K)

              1. lol… Yeah, it really does sound like a drum.

                Emmy, I think what they mean is that they would not beat a lady….. I hope I am speaking ur mind here @Seun Odukoya and @xikay, hm?

                  1. Word. You speak volumes for me.

    3. @xikay, and i heard that Xikay loves beating women….hahaha

      1. I don’t know about that o, but his latest post about his chat with a white lady overseas portrays as a sensitive, fine man…

      2. @posh if i want to beat a woman, i’ll practice with you. i dont beat women and the only woman i have touched angrily is my little sister when she disrespected my mum

        @scopeman60 i thank you jare

  9. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Very Good one scopeman. Your work is getting tighter by the day. Like the shortness of it, shows a story doesn’t have to be a thousand words to pack a heavy punch.

    1. @scopeman60 is definitely getting better and better

    2. Thanks Fred, I’ll keep working to be better…

  10. soft writing, nice flows, … interesting piece… good one…

    1. Thanks Casey….glad u like this….

  11. Love this piece very much…

    The emotion in the first paragraph is palpable…a belt he never wore, returned to a special place after the deed is done, the tears he never shed, always hanging at the corner of his eyes, her own tears flowing freely with an innate understanding love didn’t have to hurt…domestic violence conveyed in such simple words…

    Thank you, Scopeman

    1. Thank you so much Roo! You felt this almost exactly as I wrote it, really glad you like it.

  12. Great story, Scopeman. I like the way you show how even though some people leave, they can never really leave.

    1. Thanks TolaO, really, sometimes it takes even more strength to leave than to stay.

  13. I like your flash fiction and the twist at the end. Well written.

    1. Thanks Kiru, glad you enjoyed the story so…

  14. I am getting tired of asking this question ooooo. Who be Presido, who be nurse mercy? Haba.
    @seun Odukoya, @raymond,@xikay. @the others, I want to know.

      1. Okay, here’s the gist you all want to hear, ‘Presido’ is Seun Odukoya, Nurse Mercy is our…..friend….sort of. You see, I, Seun Odukoya and Nurse Mercy, we have one kind history like that sha, na full story be that…….Seun tells me she’s coming here soon, so, get ready to meet her, hm.

        1. Who are the ‘we’ you have history with; ehn Scope?!?!

          If Mercy show up meet you dey talk this kain implicating talk with no hard evidence to back it…

          OyO lo wa o!

          1. Make she come na, me I no dey fear again, maybe small sha, but……

      2. Xikay…read my posts…particularly the ones titled ‘Memoirs From A Madhouse’

        1. http://www.naijastories.com/2010/10/memoirs-from-a-madhouse-ii/

          That’s the link to the second part…


          That’s the link to the first part.

          I hope I haven’t breached any code of conduct by putting these on here…I apologise i I have.

        2. now you are talking. i just hope the nurse mercy is fine

          1. You don hear of girl wey get ‘Freedom Fighter Boobs’ wey no fine?!

    1. Kaycee…you see why I would call you a newbie?!?!

  15. Lovely story scopeman. I really enjoyed reading this and I must say that you are getting better by the day.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Lawal! I’l keep working hard to always be better…

  16. I love you, but I hate the beatings…..na wa o, make dat man come fyt me now! Or @kaycee or @xikay or @RunzPaul, dt man is a covvoard….#chikena cc#IsNSboringAllStars

    1. lol….@ ‘IsNSboringAllStars’, I see u guys r having a great time there, enjoy!

      1. No be small great time oh!

        1. Yeah, I can see that, still wondering when u guys will invite me though, hm…

  17. Nice, only wished it was a liTtle longer.

    1. Sorry man, I guess u’ll just have to wait for @Seun Odukoya’s sequel to this piece.

  18. Scopeman, this was brilliant and I am glad it ended just at that spot. Anything else would have been damaging to this piece. Is he gonna change and go get his wifey or stay stubborn and proud? GO FIGURE!!!

    1. Thanks Chetachi,…about what happens next, u’ll have to wait for Seun’s sequel.

  19. Excellent piece Scopeman!….Yet, a sequel wont be bad!

    if you want us to wait for seun’s version…..it worth it. keep it up.


    1. I’m pleased that you like this very much @Ajayi. If I am inspired to write a sequel to this soon, you can be assured that I will put it up here. Thank you!

      1. you are welcome. And I will be on look out for it.

        Though newbie here and trying to catch up and get used to the system. I will put some of my poem up for review soonest.

        once again, weldone and keep the ball rolling!

        1. Thanks again. NS is a great community, so I’m sure u’ll have a wonderful time here once u’ve settled.

  20. the story touches the heart.the man nigerian tend to beat hell out of his supposed lover.nice one bro

    1. Thanks Chris. The act is wrong and emphasized efforts should be made to reduce the number of cases if we can’t curb it totally.

  21. oh my…i am late again…anyways this was awwww so sweet…the things we women do for love…sigh

    1. lol….better late than never they say, right. I’m pleased that you like this. I’m still trying to conclude on the equivalent scenario that a man endures for the sake of love….do you have any suggestions???

      1. ah..you should read this http://kiahsscript.blogspot.com/2010/12/mo-dele.html

        its in poetry form but i hope it inspires you…

        1. I checked the link out Kiah, and I believe I have read that post before, I think even here on NS, fine piece it is. That said, I think that scenario is not quite common, especially in the Nigerian setting. Maybe it’s a man’s world after all…Yes? No?

  22. hi…. nice one!

    1. Hello…Thank you.

  23. This is a brave effort considering how sensitive this area is. Its not easy to describe if its never being experienced. The little hidden note @ the end threw off the reality of this for me. Nice try though.

  24. Scopeman, how have you been?
    You actually got me there,but the guy no try at all o, hope he get the message and not just tear the paper and go get drunk…
    I enjoyed reading this lovely stuff…welldone!

    1. I’ve been good Posh, been a little busy lately…. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, and I also hope he gets the message and does the right thing. Cheers!

  25. great piece

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