The kiss she would never forget.

The kiss she would never forget.

It was in high school, a place where such things are prohibited.It was a crime and they were the police,yet they broke those laws and truly enjoyed it.when she looked back, she had no regrets infarct she was happy that she ventured into that forbidden place. It was a beautiful Sunday evening,the chapel service had just ended and the students were meandering around trying to pass the time before night cap. They left the chapel area hand in hand talking like they always did. It was a pleasant feeling for both of them.when they were apart it was difficult to think of anything else but each other and the eagerly looked forward to the next opportunity of meeting.


They walked down the dusty road toward the dinning hall and even as people walked past them they kept their stories alive,laughing and smiling at each other.The girl was rather shy of this boy as he made her heart beat really fast.The boy adored this girl,she was all he could think of when they were apart. There was nothing in the dinning hall,the food wasn’t ready. They walked now through the main pathway leading up to the chemistry lab.Just outside the lab on one of it’s lateral sides was a semicircular raised area where you could sit.It was referred to as “semicircle” by all the students.They walked over and sat down.

Talking never seemed difficult for these two,well except when they were angry with each other but it never lasted too long.As they talked their hands found each other and they caress each other gently.She leaned easily against his shoulder rubbing her cheek to his.She made a low humming sound as she did this,now they weren’t talking anymore.With her eyes closed still in her rubbing and humming mode,she felt his lips brush against hers slightly.For that very short moment her heart beat seemed to jump.Within seconds of that she felt it,the wet, soft, gentle touch  of his lips on hers.He kissed her! or better still he was kissing her! The way he explored her mouth,nibbling on her lips and sucking gently on lower lip made her forget everything else.He did it with such passion,you could see that her lips intrigued him.He was like a detective probing for evidence.

Everything around them seemed to fade,the sound of other students passing and talking didn’t come to her was like nothing existed besides them.She was completely dazed by this feeling.When they finally stopped they both stood up together.She hugged him and told him she had to go back to her dorm.He stood there, watching her leave as he always did.It made her feel very special.As she started to walk away he quickly called out to her,she stopped and made a u-turn to return to where he was standing. “Walk me back to my dorm,i usually do that for you” he said to her.With no doubt in her mind she nodded, after all it was only fair.They held hands again, walking away from the chemistry building.

Approaching the JSS2 block,she stopped in her tracks and said to him “this is as far as i can go”. He looked at her intensely,trying to convince her to keep moving with his eyes.I guess it was simpler to just pull her,so he did.He pulled her into the groove created by the stone walls of the building,it was dark and cool here.These stone walls were identical to all the other class buildings and they bordered a short portion of the pathway connecting the blocks together.She reluctantly yielded as he came down on her,kissing her senseless.Her hands weakly spread over his shoulders and couldn’t help but caress the back of his head.she loved the feel of his hair on her palms and even now she loved it more.She was completely lost in the world of his unrelenting kiss.She could feel her heart racing and her body seemed to heat up somehow between her thighs.His breath came in big warm waves all over her cheeks.She didn’t fully understand this feeling but it was most pleasant.His hands moved up and down her back through the jacket she was wearing,he had taken his off a while ago.He suddenly stopped and looked at her “your not wearing a bra?”with surprise in his voice .She chuckled “it’s a bra top”.They idly returned to their kissing without a care in the world.

He drew her so close to him,pressing her body against his.She felt the buckle of his belt bulge against her belly.His hands still trailed her back resting on her lower back.She definitely didn’t want to leave that place,she didn’t want to leave him.Within the hazed of her ecstatic mind she heard the teacher’s voice far off and that definitely snapped her out of it.She withdrew even though it pained her to do so. Their hands still interlocked “i have to go now”. This time he let her leave,reluctantly.She walked away knowing he was standing there watching her leave.She couldn’t pull her lips away from the smile they had formed.It was such a wonderful feeling and she knew he felt it too.

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  1. i was going to say ‘innocent’ lol. but i changed my mind. work on your ‘your’s and ‘you’re’s though

    1. thanks alot…well it was innocent. noted about the ‘yours’

  2. Nice narrative. It sounded a bit personal? Just wondering though. Welldone.

    1. thank you!! :D

  3. a good chronicling of teenage love. A few mispelling and one incidence of POV confusion( I for He). Enjoyed reading.

    Well done!!!

    1. thank you! please can you point out the mistake?

  4. me sef felt the kiss
    great narrative other than the already pointed out mispellings

    1. loool thanks!

  5. Many typos, and the story didn’t really move me, because the two characters felt rather ‘anonymous’. I didn’t really get a sense of their personalities or their characters.

    1. well the memoir is about the kiss not about the characters.the focus is on the kiss and only the kiss not the characters. sounds like you want amebo o! lol!

  6. you did well and i’d say well done for that but i also agree with Tola

    1. thank you!

  7. Good story
    I think you should take note of Tolas comment.

    1. thank you! maybe next time :)

  8. took a lot of time to describe the kiss and the sensations that it gave the girl but like Tola said,the characters were kind of distant.

    1. thank you! the characters were purposely made distant because the focus is on the kiss alone.

  9. At the risk of sounding repititive – I agree with Tola. Maybe you should rewrite this and give us a ‘feel’ of the characters first before unfolding the kiss.

    1. lol Lade,thank you! check my reply to Tola :)

  10. I couldn’t read beyond the first paragraph… too many typos and error. sorry

    1. offense, i would have preferred you didn’t write your comment the way you did.
      Any ways…there were typos..good narrative power….
      my OGAs have said it all…just work on them..

      keep writing dear.

      1. thanks, typos are inevitable :)

    2. sorry dude, hope you’re eyes didn’t hurt too.

    3. Kai! Casey…

    4. sorry dude,hope your eyes didn’t hurt too.

  11. Interesting narrative on precocious intimacy but for me it just went on and on and on. There were a few errors of tense, spelling and grammar. I’ll just highlight one-‘shy of him…’ shy of means short of not the same as shy.

    1. thanks! noted :)

    2. shy / ʃaɪ / (shyer, shyest, shies, shying, shied)
      ADJ A shy person is nervous and uncomfortable in the company of other people.
      She was a shy and retiring person off-stage.

      (+ ‘of’) He is painfully shy of women.

  12. Story of teenage love. Watch the typos and POV errors.

  13. thanks! noted.

  14. look, beyond the typos which is inevitable as you rightly pointed out, I do not agree with tola, xikay anderson paul, estrella and lade. I understand that your thematic preoccupation is ‘the kiss’ and that was what you focused on and didn’t merely ‘meander (like the students after service at the chapel’) just to acquire more volume.

    i am convinced that you have a gift of weaving words pretty well – please keep writing.

    1. thank you so much! very nice of you to say :)

  15. ‘Clears throat.

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