Noisy Silence

Noisy Silence

My head is bursting for it is full of emptiness

My hands are weak for lack of work

My eyes are so heavy from so much sleep

My lips have been busy from speaking so much silence

My legs are weary for I have walked from the toilet and then back to my bedroom,

My ears are full for I have listened to the voices in my room

My stomach is churning for it has been digested with rice

My butt increases day by day for it has a romantic relationship with the wooden bed,

My hair now has the same scent with the pillow for they seem to have the same genes as they can’t seem to be apart for long

While my housemates iron their attire for work, I hold on tightly to my pyjamas for in it I find solace,

In it I have my vision and mission, to be…a force to reckon…

In reality or fantasy?


Something is happening to  me or am I just happening to the world?

Is the world about to end?

Or am I about to end?

Or has my mind been hypnotized for an experiment?

When did I begin to like the color of the torn wall paper?

When did I begin to count the dripping of the water from my ceiling?

When did doing nothing become my doing something?

When did I begin to run the race of the Lazy?

When did I begin to speak the language of the no-workers?

When did my couch become my office?

When did I run out of questions?

When did I start living with no answers?

Something is happening to me,

Is it happening to you?



18 thoughts on “Noisy Silence” by somto (@somto)

  1. Wow! What a beautiful and forceful poem! The best poem on unemployment/redundancy I have seen so far! Just a little more work and it will be a masterpiece!

    The lines that need editing are lines 5, 8, 9, 10 in the first stanza and line 6 in the second one.
    eg line 8 in the first stanza might be ‘my butt grows daily for its romance with the wooden bed.’

    Also, you may need to watch some the ‘thes’ because you could remove them to make the line tighter
    eg ‘the water’ in line six of the second stanza should simply be ‘water.’

    A very good effort, my friend! I will be watching ut for your works here!

    1. Objective review. Well done.

      I thought you would mention the line about ‘my stomach is churning because it has been digested with rice’ I didn’t get it.

      Do you understand it?

      1. I ditto Seun on that.
        Well I didn’t understand that part too. As a matter of fact, I was almost lost there.

  2. @Kabura: Thank you and I appreciate your feedback. Would watch out for the ‘thes’ :)

  3. This a lovely piece, it echos the idleness and joblessness of Nigeria youths. Let him not give up hope but be more proactive.

  4. Its a real poem. A lot of Nigerian graduates have been in that situation.

    I like the way you captured the ……….’s isolation.

    You do well.

  5. @Seun and Igwe: Thank you for reading and enjoying it :) ‘My stomach is churning for it has been digested with rice’ – ( you know the statement people make when someone eats a lot of something? they reply back and say, that thing would soon start growing inside you. Basically, the narrator was stating the fact that he/she has been eating rice a lot, that his/her digestive system is not digesting the rice but the rice is digesting his/her digestive system.)…I was simply playing with words:)
    @Barbara:Thank you!

    1. Thank you for taking the time. Now I understand. The process has been reversed…whoa.

      Again. Well done.

  6. It is not happening to me o.
    Very nice poem

  7. I really like the stream of consciousness style, and the question that brings in the reader/listener at the end.

  8. @Myne: Thank you :)

  9. Strong ish…Nice.

  10. Lovely piece.

  11. this is just so cool..observe the comments above

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