LAGOS BUSINESS GURUS – Eko oni baje o!!

SSSss…that stands for sweaty, sweet-tongued, stamina, and whatever other ssss you can come up with. This is just a feeble attempt at putting a stamp of description on the famous Lagos traffic traders, sorry …business men and women! I take real delight in watching the sheer genius of their sale pitches as they deftly meander through the clogged traffic terrains of Lagos, the third mainland bridge being my favourite. Morning, noon, dusk, night, they are there, in my opinion, putting the graduates of the Lagos and other business schools to shame. You want real practical, hands-on, hard-nosed effective business training, then my humble advice is, take the time to study and learn from the traffic business gurus of Lagos.

A lot can be said about the negative sides of this type of business practice, I do concede. Many people see them as downright nuisances in an already annoying traffic experience, not to talk of the dangers they pose to themselves and other traffic users. There is also the more immediate and terrifying truth of some robbers posing as these traders, only to whisk out guns on unsuspecting commuters. The truth however is, in a world gone mad, who really should ever let his guard down, be it in traffic or the comfort of one’s own home? We have to admit that we live in a world where every aspect of life has the up and the down side. While debating the positive or negative sides of this traffic trade business however, I insist on dwelling on the noble services they are rendering to me and others like me.

What first struck me about this business when I first got to Lagos was the vast range of goods sold by these traders….shoes, belts, bathroom scales, bags, clothes and kitchen to household wares, fruits, vegetables and packaged foodstuffs! Imagine doing such comprehensive shopping from the comfort of your ride! I have lost count of the number of times I was saved the rigours of going out to shop, when my husband calls on his way back from work ” sweetheart, don’t bother, I was able to get some fruits…” or whatever else he had wanted me to get earlier, just because these traders were there at the right time, with the right stuff! All hail the trffic business gurus of Lagos!

Tomorrow the powers that be may decide that it would be better for all concerned to rid the highways of these ”STARS OF THE LAGOS BUSINESS SCENE” and no doubt such actions would be welcome, but before that happens, Iam determined to recognise and commend the determination, zeal, endurance, good salesmanship, and above all, the timely and crucial services they are rendering in the very challenging (especially to housewives) and hectic life known as LAGOS LIFE.

Eko oni baje o!!

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  1. True lagos life, nice piece

    1. Thanks a million!

      1. you are very welcome, hoping to see more of them.

  2. If you haven’t been to Lagos yet, and you are planning to, get the gist of how it is here. This is lovely.
    I don’t think it would be easy to get them off the roads, if they do, they will create another fantastic avenue. That’s the Lagos life.

    1. Na so, true talk my brother. I guess that is why every other city appears dull after you have been a while in Lagos…we go survive…

  3. this is no lie. i’ve seen the scenario many times. by the way, its not peculiar to Lagos, though it seems its more intense there. Abuja and PH have them too

    1. That is so, but the flavour of Lagos is missing in those other cities! Tanx bro…

      1. are you sure the flavor is missing? i will just say maybe the incidence of street marketing is more in Lagos. its the commercial capital, what else do you expect

  4. I presume Lagos is like any downtown inner city…busy and populous.

    1. …and crazy, and hard to forget!

  5. Nice description of Lagos
    recently chatted with a white guy that visited Lagos for the first time. his words “its a crazy place, but i like it”
    I used to say i couldnt imagine living anywhere else but Lag but i must confess, some months in FCT has changed my mind

    1. getto (@technobayo)

      Used to say same too about Lag until I hit the FCT but in my case, d initial excitement that greeted my sojourn soon gave way to emptiness and 2 years after, I’m back home in Lasgidi.

      1. Can’t agree more, if its not Lagos, its just not Lagos…Eko oni baje o jare!

    2. The white guy is right you know. There is something in Lagos that brings on either extreme admiration or dislike, but I guess that is the stuff inspiration is made of! Tanx.

    3. if you have lived in all corners like i have, you will agree with me that every town had it appeal and turn-off. the people there will tell you.

  6. getto (@technobayo)

    Lasgidi…a city that forever inspires me so reading this elicits excitement and humour. Nice piece

    1. In me, you have a kindred spirit my brother. Tanx a lot.

  7. Indeed you are right those street hawkers can be a useful convenience but buyer beware.Interesting piece, a few niggling errors in grammar and structure such as -‘other traffic users’ – road users all constitute the traffic.
    I love Lagos…there is nowhere else like LasGidis in the world.

    1. Thanks for your observations, noted and appreciated.

    1. Much appreciated.

  8. I like this piece. Nice description of those hardworking guys that refused to give up.

    1. Feel the same way. Better to sweat and make it than to go stealing stuff! Thanks.

  9. When I saw the title, I guessed at a possible story line. You could have fooled me (you really did). I am not sure there was much to this story besides encouraging a cancer in our society which must be stopped! Otherwise, well written. Good job.

    1. Thank you, till such a time, I’d rather they did that than go stealing.

  10. I like this. A nice tribute to them guys….guys who put so much colour on the streets of Gidi.

    Well done.

  11. Lasgidi, land of hustle and sweat…

  12. I so agree. Those guys are entrepreneural. Well written.

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