Before Sunrise

I weep Mother Africa,

I weep for the shiny ivory  crafted out of your loins,

I weep for the bean pod that sprout out

from your hairy armpit.


I weep for your children

who dart around in fear.

For they are confronted by a black he-goat,

who feels  he is stronger than a leopard

and more fierce than the evening wolves.


Mother Africa,

his nose is shaped like that of a pig snout

and is rag-tag ass the colour of red mud.


Mother Africa,

the whiff of death floats around him,

like flies darting round rotten flesh.


Mother Africa,

he is spurned from the east by the horn

and from the west by the heart.


Mother Africa,

he, like a cruel ant

sticks himself to your ivory tusk,

despite all entreaties to let go.

he despises QUE the lion

and rightful heir.

he despises Mother Europe and Mother America.


Mother Africa,

I have wept enough and shall weep no more.

For though he has surrounded himself,

with masquerades dressed in camouflage

And have decided to dine with evil spirits.


Let him remember,

He his dancing a dance of his fore fathers

A dance they started but could not finish.

15 thoughts on “Before Sunrise” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. Mmhhh! Hope mother Africa is listening.

  2. Poposky, you dropped an h where it was necessary and added it somewhere else where it was not needed.

    “and is rag-tag ass the colour of red mud.” – his rag-tag ass?

    “He his dancing a dance of his fore fathers” – he is dancing?

    BTW, I would have imagined you’ll point out who this black he-goat was?

    Interesting poem still.

    1. myne thank, i ll make the correction pointed out

    2. myne thanks, i ll make the correction pointed out

  3. I get a feeling this is talking about the enstranged dictator in the North of the Continent? Enjoyed reading sha.

    Well done!!!

    1. nope its isnt about a dictator in north africa, but its actually about a dictator, i wonder if anyone would be able to deduce who he is

  4. I weep for the bean pod that sprout[s] out

    Nice. Heed Myne.

  5. Interesting poem..but I left off somewhat confused. Who is the ‘he’ you keep talking about? Africa does not have a king.


  6. what of if he is the president of an African Country.

  7. Gaddafi came to mind immediately… good job!!!

    1. the guy is from west africa

  8. well done bro. you really shielded this poem well.

    your second to the last stanza is not complete…FOR THOUGH….check it

  9. Me, Im lost o. I thought it was Ghaddafi too! Is it the Ivory Coast guy?

    1. ya its him i was talking about. u actually got great

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