An Angel

An Angel

The first time Nkechi met Isaac it was the day he came to her place of work to check on her boss. He stood at about 6 feet 1 and wore a sheepish smile. He was dark-skinned with a very round face. He was far from her dream kind of guy. When he came to her office, she was the first person he met. She was coming in from her lunch break and bumped into him at the entrance to the office. She told him her name when he asked but forgot to ask for his name. When he stated why he was at the office she led him to the reception and went about her normal duties in the other side of the office. She hardly noticed him.

The second time she saw him at work, he had come to see her boss again. He was dissatisfied the first time. She listened to him a bit as he stated why he had come again. She felt sorry for him. Her boss was refusing to pay him for the goods he had supplied. Unfortunately her boss had travelled out of the country the day before and in his absence there was no one to handle such matters. He had asked for her number so he could find out from her when the boss arrived. She had said no, he could get the office’s phone number and call anytime he wanted anything. He said he already had the number but no one ever picked up when he called. She insisted that he try calling the office number.

She didn’t see him at her office again for another 2 weeks. Not that she noticed, but when he came again, she met him at the reception where she had come to check some files with the receptionist. Her boss had finally arrived and he had gotten what he wanted. But he still wanted her number. She stared at his dark skin for a while as he spoke. His eyes always seemed to be bloodshot. She insisted she couldn’t give him her number and that the office phone worked. She still didn’t know his name. He kept asking for her number as she continued what she was doing without giving him much attention. He left it off finally. As he was about to leave, his Complimentary Card dropped from his folder. She picked it up for him, but he said she could have it. He said he was hoping to give her anyways, but only after she gave him her number. The name on the card was Isaac Esiaba.

The next time Isaac came to the office, he said he came to see her. She was curious. He was really creeping her out. He still asked for her number, but she still said no. He didn’t stay long that day, because she seemed really busy.

Surprisingly the next day, while she was busy at work, the receptionist called for her. There was someone for her on the office phone. It turned out to be Isaac, after they had played a ‘guess who I am’ game. She was shocked. He had said he had decided to call her on the office line since she refused to give him her number. She made the conversation quick. She certainly didn’t want her boss to get angry over her receiving personal calls on the office phone. She resolved within herself to give him her number the next time he came.

She had already begun to feel hopeful. His persistence definitely got her. Maybe, she thought, she should just give him her number and see what would happen next. But she didn’t see him for what seemed like a very long time and he didn’t call the office phone again.

One night she read her Bible and became even more hopeful. She thought about her past relationship with Kieho and how the relationship had grown in an unnatural way and was full of fantasies. She didn’t know a thing about him. She needed to let go and open her heart for something new. But she found it had to. She had already made up her mind not to have anything to do with any other guy. In fact she had made a decision not to get married.

But Isaac was on her mind.

The next day at work, as she was coming back from her lunch break she met Isaac at the door to the office. Her wide smile gave her away as he opened the door for her to go in. Just then, as they walked in, her boss called her into his office. She told Isaac she was coming. He said he was going to wait in the reception. As soon as she finished with her boss she went out to meet Isaac in the reception but Isaac was not there. She thought to herself, “Maybe he went to get something outside”. She waited for about 10 minutes in the reception, still no Isaac. She finally asked the Receptionist if she knew where Isaac was. The Receptionist answered irritably, “I didn’t see any Isaac oo. Me I’ve been the only one here since”. Nkechi went to the office entrance describing Isaac to the Security men but they said they had never seen him in their life! Nkechi was distraught. Just when she was about to give him her number, he had lost faith in her. She really wanted to give him her number then. She was feeling really lucky.

Nkechi couldn’t concentrate at work and kept visiting the reception to see if Isaac was there. She didn’t find him. She literally became mad and worried that maybe Isaac was an Angel that God had sent to her to change her life and she had let him go. She had not welcomed the Angel that God sent her, the way Father Abraham had welcomed Angels to his home in the Bible. Just when life had thrown her a Lemon she had stuck it right back in its face.

She really began to think maybe Isaac was not real, maybe he was really an Angel. She started to get really sad. Then she remembered. She had his complimentary card at home. She hoped that had not disappeared too.

When she got home in the evening she retrieved the complimentary card from where she had kept it. Thankfully it had not disappeared. She dialled the GSM Number on it. It rang for a long time without being answered. She dialled it a second time. Still there was no answer.

Her angel had lost faith in her.


Later that night, Nkechi was fast asleep when her phone beeped. She had received a message. It was from Isaac’s number. The message read;

“NK is that you”

Nkechi’s heart leaped. How did he know? Maybe he was truly an Angel. She replied;

“Yes it’s me. LOL”

Isaac replied;

“Thanks for letting me have your number. I’ll call you in 10 minutes”

Nkechi smiled as she read the message over and over again. She wondered why the receptionist said she hadn’t seen Isaac. Maybe she was suffering from PMS and as for those Security men, they were always absent-minded anyway.

She sat on her bed as she waited for 10 minutes to elapse.

There was still some light at the end of the tunnel.

24 thoughts on “An Angel” by Ay (@ayodeji)

  1. nice story you have her @ay. after reading, i looked at the title to see if the story had been titled with PART1 because i feel the story is not complete and i will like to see it to the end.

    you have done well but a little wedging here and there wouldn’t hurt. now, i cant really place my fingers on anything out of place

    1. Thank you xikay. Yeah, I know the story seems incomplete but I nave no part 2 for now sha

  2. Nice story…felt somehow off for me. Guess maybe its the pace of the narrative.

    Feel like I don’t know any of the characters…nice story sha.

    Perhaps Xikay could be more specific…

  3. u know when u mentioned that his eyes always seemed bloodshot i thought u were trying to portray that the guy wasnt serious there a second part?

    1. Oh, I meant his eyes always looked red and that was like a major turn-off for her

  4. This story made me go ….ummm…?Not bad, but like Seun said, felt a little bit off to me.

    1. in what way. please i need to know. Thanks

  5. I liked this story and want some more. Now, you got my mind running amok so hurry up and let us know please.

    1. Thank you. I’ll see what I can do..

  6. Mmmhh!! Subtle suspense. Nice one Ay. Waiting for the rest.

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it

  7. I hope there’s a second part? is he real or not?

    I also felt that the story was a bit slow, and the language could be tightened. keep writing.

    1. Thanks Myne

      1. I’ll keep writing. Sure i’ll get better

  8. ah…woman and love palava…well done…

  9. I’m talking the wedging you mentioned the story needed…maybe that would help me see clearly what’s off about it for me.

  10. i hope the lady doesn’t doze off waiting for an imaginary call…besides work on the characters in the next part….

    nice suspense..ay.

  11. I’m a sucker for good language in stories so maybe thats why this felt a bit bland for me.I hope there is a part two sha?Maybe things will pick up there.

    Well done!!!

    1. Okay, so you’re saying there’s no ‘good language’ in this story. I’m a bit discouraged, but I’ll never stop writing sha.

  12. The story felt very suspenseful; maybe it’s because you made Isaac seem very mysterious. Why would he be so persistent? How come the receptionist said she didn’t see him when he had been there?

    It doesn’t look like you intended for there to be a part 2, which is a shame – this is a story that I would have love to see continue. However, if you really didn’t intend to write a second part, I would leave the story where it is; forced sequels don’t always work.

    1. Thank you. Your comment is very much appreciated.

  13. ah…interesting. I really like the ploy he used.

    the first paragraph was just not simply couldn’t have happened in that manner.

    some of the language was slightly…bland.yeh,daz d word.

  14. Memoirs of a desperate single girl. Saying yes when its too late. Interesting read, the narrative is a bit… skinny. It feels more chronological than a robust story. And to me the story ddint start till the second section. Hope the next part is richer.

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