Words to lonely soul

Words to lonely soul

I have seen the rose

Danced to the tunes of love

I have seen people

Appealed to the rhythm of love

I have seen the earth rotated

To the tide of love

I have seen the world

Nourished by true love

I have seen life

changed by pure heart

I have seen human long for love

in the tide of life

I have seen love refilled

The hollows in lives

I have seen love searched

For somebody to adorn

I have seen many things

In the world

What focused is love

I witnessed love

Revived lost soul

I witnessed love

Redeemed barren life

I witnessed life

Conferred with love

I witnessed love

Confide with life

I witnessed life

Survived in the world

I witnessed world

Abide in earth

I witnessed love

Abide in man

I witnessed man

Live peacefully in the world

7 thoughts on “Words to lonely soul” by Akeem Olalekan (@kimolalekan)

  1. morounmubo (@morounmubo2011)


  2. @akeem you have a lovely poem here, simple and sweet..
    only problem i have comes form the loss/mix up of the tenses and the absence of article ‘a’ in some places

  3. Short and poignant, but listen to xikay on those faults. He’s right.

  4. Nnenna-Ihebom (@Nnenna-Ihebom)

    This is a sweet and nice -flowing piece of poetry. Like xikay said, there are some tense issues to be re-visited. For instance, danced and appealed on the second and fourth lines should be in the present tense. Down the lines, there are similar errors. The theme is philosophical and makes one think. kudos

  5. i like this pieace a lot

  6. Simple. Short. Sweet.

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