Redemption Song

Redemption Song

My hand is stained

My heart is tainted

With disloyalty, my life i have painted

My love for righteousness has fainted

Upon my life, iniquities shone his derision glee

Transgression is my hymn, with sound so reproofing like the buzz of a bee

I drink sin like water

Oh Father, am coming to your altar

Desperately i need your anointing

Like the prodigal son, i run to you Father

My clothes are tattered

My thoughts are scattered

My pride is battered

My dreams, let them not be shattered

My sins are numerous, with them i know i cant be prosperous

To you oh Lord, i write this piece, pour joy into my heart and turn my pain to peace!



Amusa Adebayo Smartfingers (c) 2011…The Redefinition.

3 thoughts on “Redemption Song” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. iniquities shone his derision glee…should it be derisive? just wondered. But hey…let him who is without sin cast the first stone…good one.

  2. @smartfingers well i can see that you must have use smart fingers and brains to write or type this piece. i like it a lot. very religious and i must admit that that too a little out of its creativity. well done sire

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