QUEENIE: Excerpts

QUEENIE: Excerpts

NOTE: Gosh, why won’t my fingers stop ‘itching’, hm? It’s sad sha, really. Well, formerly titled SHOULD I MARRY MY FATHER’S KILLER?, this story was first published in a local state-owned newspaper for fourteen weeks every Saturday, and I have decided to showcase a tiny slice of it. Miss Myne Whitman has a copy of this story tucked away somewhere, with a promise of seeing it through.

“I want you,” he whispered.  He pulled me towards him and kissed me.  I was taken aback!  O God, his tongue gently demanded entrance.  This gentle prodding melted all my defences.  My response was like that of a lightening rod.  I was like a person finally released after years of imprisonment.  I sucked his tongue eagerly and he did the same likewise to mine.  With one hand on my head and hair, the kiss deepened.  Paul used the other hand to hold one of my buttocks.  My hands lay splayed on his hairy chest.

“Queenie, please!  Please!” he whispered inaudibly.  I gasped as his mouth went for my throat.  As my senses came back to me, I summoned all the strength in me and pushed him away from me.  He took a step back, stunned.

“How – how – how dare you!!” I shouted, vibrating with rage.  I frantically pointed to the door.  “Get out of my house, Paul,” I barked.  A whole minute elapsed before he composed himself and said, “I cannot leave you, Queenie.  Remember that.”  With that, he left.  My hand slowly went to my lips that he kissed and for one fleeting moment, I wished his lips never left mine.

Three months later, Aaron proposed to Christie and she naturally accepted.  The wedding was fixed five months after, and naturally the bachelor party was fixed two nights before the D-day.  Bunmi and Christie went about frantically making arrangements here and there.  I participated less because of my hectic bank job.  But I participated fully when I had the chance.

One night, I came back from work a little bit late and terribly exhausted.  My present wish was to soak myself in a bathtub and forget myself there.  Within minutes of peeling off my clothes and neglecting them on my bed, I did just that.  I slowly lathered myself with a soft bathing sponge and gradually, I closed my eyes, enjoying the thrills of my soft caresses.  I gave out a gentle, involuntary sigh of pleasure when one of my hands went in between my thighs.  My hand went deeper and deeper while lathering.  My hand lingered longer there.  I was gradually feeling very young and incredibly sexy.  I was in that state when suddenly, my cell phone I kept beside me rang.  Quickly, I cleaned my hand with a face towel and answered the call.  “Hello?”

“Good evening, my queen,” came a heart-melting, Barry White voice.  “How are you?”  I caught my breath when I recognised that voice.  For a moment, my mind flashed to that surprising kiss I was given.  I swallowed inaudibly, slightly jittery.  “Bunmi gave me your number,” the smooth male voice continued.  “I told you I can’t leave you.”

“So you have the guts to call me, right?” I barked out after a moment of hearing him breathe.  “You have been on my mind, Queenie,” he continued as if I hadn’t spoken.  “I think of you everyday.  I will make sure I let you know that, Queenie.  You are a very beautiful woman.”

“Don’t ever call me again!” I shouted and cut him off.  Minutes later, I got a text message and it read: CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT U.  GUESS U R BAFING.  HECTIC DAY AT WORK, RITE? STOP AVOIDING ME, QUEENY, PLEASE! PAUL.

Exasperated, I left my phone on standby and dropped it.  That call robbed me of my relaxation.  That bastard!  How dare he!!  I stepped out of the tub, emptied it and re-entered my bedroom, wet and naked.  Like that, I wore a short, white, silky lingerie, my nightie.  After wearing my hair net, I gathered my office clothes together and dumped them on the basket of clothes situated in my room.  I gently spread myself on my bed and tried to sleep, but instead, my mind went to Paul.

It continues…

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  1. Finally, my Queen Nuella resurrects her long-abandoned self-published novel. Welcome back QUEENIE *winks*

    1. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

      @Koboko, how sad! How very sad indeed!! E b like say I go abandon dis novel again, and maybe this time to oblivion. Reason: @Admin should have just not published this excerpt if it feels that some ‘scenes’ in the excerpts are very uncomfortable for site policy. The way @Admin slashed out some scenes here eh… well, I understand completely. NS cannot grant me the permission to be ‘naughty’ and ‘daring’ as I wanted. Maybe I shouldn’t have showcased it at all. See the reason why I abandoned it, hm, @Koboko? It’s a horrible book indeed! :( I’m beginning to hate what I created, and this is the second book I have written that I have hated. This abandoned book belongs to this genre called ROMANTICA, a sweet blend of romance and erotica with plenty of errors in-between. Damn, I shouldn’t have dared this at all. I’m very sorry, gals and guys, but I reject what I’ve just done here. I reject and regret that self-publication of this book I made at the i-publish website, @Koboko. I just pray no one has e-bought that cursed book yet. Damn indeed! I am really sorry, everyone. :(

    2. i agree with you on the errors bit though

  2. Hmm…Till I see more…

  3. Emmanuella, I don’t like the way you’re sounding at all. Pls hush! What happened to my queen’s self-confidence for Christ’s sake? How dare you imply that those of us who want to buy or read your work have bad taste? How dare you use Admin’s rash editing as a standard for this your interesting romantica? How dare you try to leave me high and dry, without a literary orgasm? Nuella, no vex me o! Abeg! I definately wish to read the original, uncensored version of this novel. You need a blog. Probably on WordPress, Booksie, Bloggers… There you can express yourself more freely. Create one and I’ll surely be your fan. Muah… darling. You know sey your king love you na. *winks*

    1. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

      I’m so sorry, @Koboko. I don ‘blala’ u small abi? :) I’m also so sorry, @Admin, for being a cowardly kind of writer that ‘shrinks’ from her responsibility. That was why I shouldn’t have showcased this excerpts at all. E no easy, my dear. Nndo! I no mean am eh! Sometimes, my dear, my self-confidence must shrink a bit if I know I did a horrible job, and I can stay in that ebb for a while. The only way I can rise up is when another project shines in my head, brighter than the sun. My short story CHRISS was just as horrible as this one, with plenty grammatical errors, and that one is an old story I wrote years ago. QUEENIE is something I wrote recently mainly because of my encounter with a ‘sister’ who writes erotic literature [Miss Whitman has even met her sef]. She’s my sister because we both come from the same state, Akwa-Ibom.

      Your suggestion about creating a blog for myself is something I thought about briefly at some point in my life. I feared these faceless [or ‘faceful’] hackers, that’s why I hesitated. I’m very sensitive about the ‘babies’ I ‘give birth to’, you see. So, if they are harmed in any way and I discover, I can cry foul and start to hunt for a remedy, me wey b dem mama. Thank you so much for that suggestion, my dearest. :D

  4. @Admin, pls try to inform writers before overediting their works. We understand that this is a family website but can’t we at least have an adult-only section or category. *winks* Please consider it before you begin to lose some members like moi o!

    1. i agree with you on the adult tab thing but i also think admin has every right to edit what it feels contravenes the laws it has clearly laid down. what is here is clearly romantic enough to be edited.

  5. @Emmanuella, As a romance writer I can honestly tell you have great potential from reading your excerpt. I understand your frustration at having some of the content edited but if it contravened NS rules then you can appreciate why. I will suggest your work needs editing and possibly some revisions to get it to a polished state.

    If you would like some help with it, i would suggest you create a blog which will give you greater freedom about what you can publish. I find that it works well for me when i need to have reader input to my writing.

    If you would like more one to one help then feel free to contact me directly. I am on facebook too.

  6. Short and annoyingly sweet.

    Is it just me or the writers on here are starting to share some ‘alarming’ qualities with recent music videos?
    I think its just me…
    …or maybe not.


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