Mama’s Touch

Mama’s Touch

(Based on a True-Life Imagination)


Sleek as a new Porsche, she was the talk of her peers. The bible would have described her as a fair damsel. Mama had

nurtured her from youth days and she possessed that inner beauty any man would crave for. Respectful, Hardworking and a diligent one she was. Mothers wanted their daughters to be just like her and she was on the right track of life until this moment.


Alas! Today wasn’t a day she wished to be alive to see. Her confidence had died and more-so it wasn’t a concealed occurrence, there was no hiding it. She was exposed!  All the mothers warned their children never to be like her anymore.


Open disgrace…Public rejection…Shattered Esteem.

She carried this bag of guilt everywhere she went and never talked about it. It was a disdain, an eyesore…name it whatever. You wouldn’t imagine what she did.


She never uttered a word of it to Mama…what would she think of her?…after all the sacrifice Mama made. Taking her time to build a woman of priceless virtue who had now traded her most priced asset. I bet its not even what you think. She abandoned everything and left for good. Virtue was now a far cry.


Then one day, Mama couldn’t take it again, she decided to search for her only daughter. Mama walked for miles along the dusty road, shedding tears and hoping silently that she would find the queen of her heart. The water jar became empty, food exhausted, throat aching from dryness but Mama pressed on. She had come too far to now give up.

Then all of a sudden, she missed a step and tripped, thumping down hard to the cold dusty ground.
I thought that was it…but Mama got up…dusted herself and continued again. I had never seen such resilience in my life. It was now clear that her only motivation was her daughter.

“God if this will be my last day on earth…sniff…let me…sniff sniff…see my daugh-terrr”, she broke into tears again.

The emotional pain of her lost gem was unbearably daunting. Hope got dimmer by the second, compensating the setting sun in the horizon.

For some reason, Mama wasn’t sure if this was the right decision. But on the other hand, she had longed for days to find her gem.

As her feet dragged along the dusty road, she started feeling numb…then she stopped…walked a little further…and…THUMP!
Falling flat on her face, buried in the earth…That was the end!

The shameful daughter heard of the news sometime later and vowed that Mama wasn’t going to die in vain. She retraced her steps back to even better and thus the story goes.

Mama never saw her daughter, neither did daughter see Mama again…but the point was clear and concise. In dying, Mama gave her a reason to live right again.

I know of a man who was like Mama…in fact He paid a price far greater than Mama did.
He left a throne of Angel Chauffeurs, Cherub Stewards and chose your filth and mine too.

People would naturally ‘try’ to give their life for a good person but he gave His for the filth of the world.
So you think your case is different, right?
What is Michael saying? He hasn’t been through what I’ve faced in life.

Yes I quite agree with that but Jesus did go through more than you went through.
Temptations?…he had it,
Rejection?…he got it,
Crucifixion?…He gladly went through, smiling inside as the cold nails sunk deep into His flesh, bursting several veins.

He is still walking down the dusty road like Mama looking for his children who are willing to come over and neglect the worries of the world.

“At the cross God wrapped his heart in flesh and blood and let it be nailed to the cross for our redemption” – E. Stanley Jones

So put the load of guilt behind you and come walk down the dusty road of redemption with Him.

16 thoughts on “Mama’s Touch” by mikesfrequency (@mikesfrequency)

  1. @mikesfrequency, i cant think of any other creative way to pass on the message of salvation to a diverse generation in such a persuasive way. so subtle and direct at the same time. you are just damn good. well done sire. we have a lot to learn from you.

    1. *Taking a deep bow* Thanks a bunch xikay. Would also like to learn from you and the NS family

      1. you fall for me, i fall for you; i learn from you, you learn from me… na so we be for NS

  2. The Redemption story…the parable of the lost sheep an the lost coin…well described. You have a special talent, well done!

    1. Wow thanks @doubleespresso. To think that I still have lots to learn. In spite of all, we need to keep reminding ourselves of these ‘things’ once in a while. Glad I shared.

  3. Wow! Powerful message yet very softly delivered. The love of God that made him send his only son to die for you and I….will you accept HIM today?
    Good job!

    1. Yes, accept Him we will. You really got the message intact. Thanks @chetachi.

  4. Interesting use of analogy, and great message at the end. But I was a little confused at the beginning. Who is the narrator of this piece? Where were they when all this was happening?

    1. i also asked myself that question , ‘who is the person seeing the Mama?’ but then i just explained it to myself simple: its an allegory and every thing there is a symbol representing an individual message. that was why i did not ask the question.

    2. hmm…about the narrator, while proof-reading that part confused me too sincerely. Let’s just say they’re imagined. :-D. Thanks Myne.

  5. U r without doubt a wonderful poet.

    1. Sir Raymond. Thanks a bunch!

      I loved ‘Whispers of the Sandman’ excerpt too man. Great work!

  6. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    I duff my hat.This is most creative a wonderful way of telling the world about the love of God! Well written Mike.tres bien

    1. Thanks Sam. Indeed the world’s virtues are gradually fading and our ‘Pen’ is our power. ‘We’ must strive to be heard somehow.

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