The Sun

The Sun

She groaned beneath its touch, her eyes tightly closed.

She had known this moment would come but now that it had arrived she wasn’t sure she wanted it.

The warmth of its breath bathed her body, an invitation, but she refused to give in, clinging instead to the darkness that was slipping steadily from her grasp until there was nothing left to hold.

Finally with a deep sigh, she flung the covers away and got up from the bed glaring at the SUN who grinned cheekily at her.


7 thoughts on “The Sun” by febby (@febby)

  1. A simple poem about the sun, just sweet. Nice one Febby.

  2. Febby is GOOD!!! This poem is just like ur name, simple but elegant…

  3. Hehehehe….nice…*grinning*…

  4. @ scopeman, thanks. the title was actually supposed to be ellipses so readers had to guess wat it was all abt..but i guess it was inappropriate so it was changed
    @4ran6, *blush* thanks
    @ raymond, thanks

  5. @febby, to write such a beautiful piece just about waking up to the warmth and light of the sun is quite crafty and creative of you..well done ma’am…kudos

  6. Simple.

    Febby febby simple.


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