Strife’s Pseudonym

Strife’s Pseudonym

Strife knows no lover

a dubious friend of the cold-blooded

victimized by love’s defeat

enemy of the righteous

Strife is contained in poverty

allowed to roam in the guise of corruption

dear strife

when will you depart for the lips of the afflicted?

dear is not a word that should be married with the sound of your name

how easy it is

in the face of poverty

you, strife, are seen as victorious

a martyr, if you will

I spit at the sound of your name

your cause befits the lepers curse

strife is the pseudonym used by consequences of wickedness

is strife a refining process?


Strife is Deception



23 thoughts on “Strife’s Pseudonym” by Daisy (@divinethought)

  1. Can there be grief loftlier than mine?
    And yet, I do not weep.
    I have nothing of worth to pine
    o’er, ‘side my littered heap.

  2. if only the ears of men
    could hearken to the voice of peace
    we’ll kill strife in his den
    and live a life of ease

  3. wow….I’m almost afraid to comment here sef after all the ‘poets’ have commented…this is a good effort, Daisy.
    But could be better…you could make it more coherent. See what @xikay and @adewale wrote, the meaning is clear…

    1. Daisy (@divinethought)

      I beg to differ, Gboyega. Poetry is a form of expression without boundaries. Asking me to write like someone else is also asking me to become them. I appreciate your feedback but I’m sticking to what I have. You’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

      1. @Daisy, I’m not asking u to write like anyone else. A writer’s voice is his/her own. What I’m saying is let ur meaning be clear. If u see what xikay and adewale wrote, u get the msg immediately. I’m not one of those ppl who believe that poetry has to b inaccessible. Just let ur msg be clear. E.g. 4rm ur poem, if strife is seen as victorious, then how is it stil a martyr?

        1. Daisy (@divinethought)

          I think another way to put this is that the message is lost on you — not that it is unclear. The personification of strife in this poem can be compared to the 9/11 attackers. Did some parts of the world celebrate their outrageous act as a victorious? Yes. Were they seen as martyrs to the same crowd? Yes.

          1. Daisy (@divinethought)

            as victorious* lest I be bombarded by anti-typo ninjas :x

      2. @daisy, i think i understand what gboyega is saying…every writer has his style…i like rhymes but sometimes i pass a better message with a blank verse…another poet will pass the same message otherwise…you did great here and i replied with a quatrain as a way of identifying with your theme/poem

  4. Lovely poem, I loved the message most of all. Thanks for sharing, especially at this trying time in Nigeria.

    1. Daisy (@divinethought)

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad you like it :)

  5. Fantastic poetry Daisy, Adewale and Xikay…Beautiful!

    1. Daisy (@divinethought)

      Thanks Mercy :)

  6. Well Said.I love how aptly strife is described. Well Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. @daisy.I like your reply to gboyega.

    1. @kayce, haba her response shouldn’t be an issue…@gboyega made a comment that was misconstrued but you still went on to refer to it after it has been made clear?….let’s try to overlook certain things…we came here not as perfect and accomplished writers but as lovers of literature willing to grow…thanks

  8. “When will you depart [from] the lips of the afflicted?”

    Fine poem Daisy, well done.

    1. Daisy (@divinethought)

      That was a typo, thanks for pointing that out.

    2. @scopeman60, that line can work the way it is without the FROM….

  9. The poetic masters are really dissecting this one. Nice one.

  10. @raymond and who called the horror master?

    1. Muhohoahahaha…..I’m coming for U all…

      1. Happy getting.

  11. I like the poetry…and no offense, but i really don’t get why someone thinks this poem is NOT clear.

    Overclear dey worry am sef.

    Well done.

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