She Is Woman

She Is Woman

She has seen what the blind can see

She has heard the words of the dump

She has felt the pain of the dead

She has trod where there is no footpath

She has laughed with the sad

She has perceived the odour of water

She is a woman

She has conversed with the dump

She has danced to no rhythm

She is man’s weakness

She has no weakness

She possess the greatest wits

Her anger is unbearable

Her compassion is incomparable

She is  woman

19 thoughts on “She Is Woman” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Lovely lovely poem. A beautiful tribute to women.

  2. The most beautiful of poems are inspired by women..

  3. Very beautiful indeed…makes me feel powerful and proud..great job!..One question though where you typed “dump” did you mean ‘dumb’?

    1. @Efearue, o my Merciful herself, where on this planet earth have you been, my sweetheart, hm? :D Damn I missed you… *shakes head* Well, if you feel ‘powerful and proud’ by this poem, then I should feel… [Em, is there anything far higher than ‘powerful and proud’?] ‘Great’ is far too small a word. Eh, ‘Awesome’? ‘Gigantic’? ‘Immense’? ‘Mountainous’? And I ditto you as well with that slight typo error in this small but mighty poem for the women. :)

      There was a time I promised myself that I would find that word for a ‘patterned’ poem. I still haven’t found it, God! I pray it comes to me, for this is the second poem I am seeing that has ‘design’ in appearance. Thumbs up, @Tola4word!

      1. Emmanuella, it is called a “concrete” poem, also shape poem, pattern poem or visual poem.:0)

      2. Mastress!!!! I have missed you too o! Been really busy at work lately, promised myself to be a better naijastories tenant this

  4. Yeah Mercy, i ditto yo; ‘dump’ looks likely to be ‘dumb’. Good poem bro, nice and direct free verse poetry.

  5. Mhmmm! They’ve talked it finish! Hehehe…Nice.

  6. I like that you portray woman as a metaphysical person..a woman is a deep person with an inbuilt meter for detecting things that happen on a less physical realm…beautiful poem really and i noticed the dump* error as well…

  7. She has no weakness? :0 Amazing!
    Nice poem, really beautiful!

  8. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very nice poem, the ‘dump’ word is sort of noticable, but very very deep work, makes me proud to be a woman :-D

  9. Nice one Tola!Two things I noticed: “dump” and “has no weakness”.I’m not sure anyone can say they have no weakness…Very beautiful though.

  10. good piece brova. peace!

  11. and see how dem ladies love this, thanks to Tola A, good one bro…

  12. @Idoko Ojabo, u don talk am finish!

  13. Thank you everyone for reading and appreciating the poem the word ‘dump’ in the poem is a mistake which i seriously regret. i will try to avoid that in my next poem. than you all.lolzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  14. The poem is nice,makes me remember my mum.

  15. i love this very much except for the DUMP for DUMB bit

  16. Woman.

    Woe-onto-man. Wound-man.

    Makes sense.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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