I Speak Not of a Fish

I Speak Not of a Fish

I Speak Not of a Fish

It’s my occupation
I have to catch fish
My preoccupation
is the Tilapia, the salmon, the catfish
I need one so I could fix a nice dish
The kitchen
Yes, that’s where you belong
I’ll keep fishing
I’m very sure it won’t be long
before I find myself that special fish
May the heavens grant me this special wish
I’ll keep wishing
What’s the bait to use?
I have to catch a big one
If I should put my faith to use
maybe that would bring one
Courage; I should be bold
Beat my chest like King Kong
But I’m all alone at the riverbank
To woo the fishes out of the river
Maybe I should sing songs
Oh, the desperation!
Time is running out
moving closer to expiration
It’s evening time
Fishes are retired to their resting place
I would never catch one this late
Ha, perspiration!
I feel a vibration
on my fishing rod
I gently pull it out
And there you are
On the other end of the rod
Too beautiful to keep
Too perfect for me
I guess I hit the wrong target
Too innocent
So not ready to be had…for dinner
But you got to admit, I’m lucky….a winner
But no..no
I have to let you go
I love you enough to let you go
Go back into the water, my dear
I’ll be back, but bye dear
I’m sure
There are still many fishes in the sea
Maybe it’s you I’ll meet
We’ll see
I have nothing else to say
I’ll let time do the talking
Away, I’m walking
I love you enough to let you go

51 thoughts on “I Speak Not of a Fish” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. Na woman abi na fish U dey yarn about? If na woman, well, hold ya money. If na fish, go Point And Kill! Hehehehehe.
    Nice poem. Like it a lot!!!

    1. Na woman oh, Ahahaha Fish ke? I SPEAK NOT OF A FISH! Ahaha, @Point and Kill. I’m glad you like it…a lot :)

  2. Dittoing @Raymond it might be a she. Perhaps a virgin or someone quite young or inexperienced or innocent. Very lovely poem. Simple and sexy. Just hope it’s a she you’re talking about.

    1. HMM! @Jaywriter, I trust you in that department! It’s she oh, a virgin and inexperienced she at that! Thanks for reading!


    1. Your comment shows I’m getting there…steadily. I still dey learn, u know?

  4. I agree with Jay, it’s a young girl, right. Beautiful piece Ayo, well done!

    1. And right you are, to agree with @Jaywriter that it’s a young girl! Thank you, very appreciated!

  5. lovely piece here.Bue e dey require lotta strength to let go like this o.

    Well done!!!

    1. Tell me about it! It takes much more courage than it takes to voice out a “I LOVE YOU”. Love is weird, sometimes, you love someone too much, that you’re willing to just let them go….E no easy my brother. Thanks for stopping by here Sir.

      1. U can say that again!

        1. Really, you seriously want me to? Ahahaha, alright here we go:

          Tell me about it! It takes much more courage than it takes to voice out a “I LOVE YOU”. Love is weird, sometimes, you love someone too much, that you’re willing to just let them go….E no easy my brother. Thanks for stopping by here Sir.

          Ahaha…Just decided to make someone laugh today. Hopefully you did, ahaha.

          1. I sure did… *wink*

  6. Amazing stuff… Lawd, we have so much talent in this country!!!

    1. WOW, I feel humbled! Thanks bro. Wow, I’m cheesing right now! Loved your poem Dream Snatchers by the way..That stuff is…well, I say no more.

  7. @Ayokunle Falomo: Np doubt, u REALLY made me proud.

    1. OH MY GOD! Just when I thought I was done with the blushing! LOLz, My face dey start to burn with all these red oh. I bow oh. THANKS…Man, that’s something! My day’s getting increasingly AMAZING!

      1. @Ayokunle Falomo: Y/eah, increasingly amazing, except that u’re in the library smiling, winking, laughing and calling lots of attention… Lolz. If Librarian catch, we no dey o!

        1. Ahaha, na the giggling and laughing dey actually add to the AMAZING-NESS! I actually forgot how interesting this site was! We all need breaks every now and then, lol…school’s been crazy! Like I’ve been so busy with no time for anything else, so yeah…I do deserve this, ahaha, and if Librarian catch me, e worth am, ahaha.

          1. u’ve been injected that madness abi? Wen did @Ryamond do it? He works even in his sleep? Dat guy is one hell of a nurse! Lolz

            1. Ahahaha, Me no receive no visit from Nurse @Raymond oh.

              1. U go soon know… No worry, sleep wake 1st, dat guy na smooth operator. U don hear dat Sade song?

                1. Ahaha, which one of ’em na?

                  1. Dnt knoe d title, words like ‘smooth operator…’

                    1. Umm….who called my name here? @4ran6, na U I give injection by 3.24am abi?


    1. Hmm, Oga @Xikay… I dey tell you say my cheek dey burn already…make u no add to it oh…or wait…please do. Ahaha, U no say sometimes we humans (esp. writers/artists) like to hear over and over again how good we are! And u should know by now that na you, and the mab – @4ran6 abi? (by the way, I checked that word, do you mean the mythical creature? ) I dey look up to, well, when it comes to poetry matters, lol.

      1. @Xikay: U can say dat again… U meant ur apprentice abi?
        @Ayokunle Falomo: He just can’t mean a Mabinogion (a collection of Welsh tales of the 11th–13th centuries, dealing with Celtic legends and mythology.) The letter ‘b’ on a computer keyboard is next to ‘n’. That’s a typo, he meant the ‘man…’ In other words, his apprentice. I no be mythical creature o. By the way, I go soon upload one fiction, trying to do short stories too now *wink*

        1. Oh I see…Lolz, I don’t dey begin fear say you no be human, ahaha. I’ve tried writing short stories…I SUCK! Good Luck. :) I ain’t giving up though! I’m constantly improving myself in that department!

          1. Lolz, u no well o

  9. “O, then, I see Queen Mab hath been with you.
    She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes
    In shape no bigger than an agate-stone
    On the fore-finger of an alderman,
    Drawn with a team of little atomies
    Athwart men’s noses as they lie asleep;
    Her wagon-spokes made of long spinners’ legs,
    The cover of the wings of grasshoppers,
    The traces of the smallest spider’s web,
    The collars of the moonshine’s wat’ry beams,
    Her whip of cricket’s bone; the lash of film;
    Her waggoner a small grey-coated gnat,
    Not half so big as a round little worm
    Pricked from the lazy finger of a maid:
    Her chariot is an empty hazelnut
    Made by the joiner squirrel or old grub,
    Time out o’ mind the fairies’ coachmakers.
    And in this state she gallops night by night
    Through lovers’ brains, and then they dream of love;
    O’er courtiers’ knees, that dream on court’sies straight,
    O’er lawyers’ fingers, who straight dream on fees,
    O’er ladies ‘ lips, who straight on kisses dream,
    Which oft the angry Mab with blisters plagues,
    Because their breaths with sweetmeats tainted are:
    Sometime she gallops o’er a courtier’s nose,
    And then dreams he of smelling out a suit;
    And sometime comes she with a tithe-pig’s tail
    Tickling a parson’s nose as a’ lies asleep,
    Then dreams, he of another benefice:
    Sometime she driveth o’er a soldier’s neck,
    And then dreams he of cutting foreign throats,
    Of breaches, ambuscadoes, Spanish blades,
    Of healths five-fathom deep; and then anon
    Drums in his ear, at which he starts and wakes,
    And being thus frighted swears a prayer or two
    And sleeps again. This is that very Mab
    That plaits the manes of horses in the night,
    And bakes the elflocks in foul sluttish hairs,
    Which once untangled, much misfortune bodes:
    This is the hag, when maids lie on their backs,
    That presses them and learns them first to bear,
    Making them women of good carriage:
    This is she—”

    — Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Act I, scene iv

    1. Yeah, that’s the mythical creature I was referring to. That’s what I found when I was searching for the definition of the word. Thanks BRO.

      1. @Xikay: y u wan break @Ayokunle Falomo head put everything in one day na? Lolz
        @Ayokunle Falomo: Na small small butterfly dey take fle enter bush. Slow and steady, LMAO

        1. Thanks for that, SLOW AND STEADY indeed. I needed THAT. I wan start to leave Library now. Night dey slowly come… I wan go home, eat and sleep, lol. Bunch of essays to write too.

          1. Nothing do u… My eyes no fit close, took lots of palm wine. Saw it around Utako, bought some liters and refrigerated. Been drinking since after dinner into d morning… U wan join? E dey give inspiration to write good poems o, lolz

  10. @4ran6, are you really in abuja? i work at Daily Trust newspaper Utako….maybe we could hook-up sometime?

    1. @Xikay: Yeah dude, I dey Abj o… Yes, we’d hook up; but after my babe leaves town. Lolz. E go make sense after election sha, how u see am?


    1. Dat’s a nice one… We go talk d rest for phone. I’d send u a mail soon

  12. @ Kikay:Una wan dey do hooking up for here, abi? Una go pay to NS o!

    1. Na so now? Lolz

  13. Oh boy see appointment na….What NS/@Ayokunle has joined together…..

    1. Na poetry we wan discourse. U fit use first flight come join us? We’d reserve a suit for u at the Hilton, lolz,

      1. U hear Raymond, na suit he wan reserve for you, no be suite! Lol, I joke.


    1. @Xikay: I get wan transformer wey dey hungry to hug ppl o… Lolz.

    2. Jealousy, abi na Jollof rice?

      1. @Raymond, I dey wonder how u b wen u b small pikin… I sure say u torment ppl well well. Can’t stop laughing, lovinf ur personality everyday!

  15. This poem *twirls bears*, this poem; I speak not of a fish *wears glasses and shakes head*…Ayokunle, i know what you are speaking of. you sough a woman, a fish, but you only caught a fingerling, a young girl that you considers too young for you. you let her go so that she could mature into the woman that you need.

  16. Lol, twirls bears? I had to google what that meant, lol. Thanks @Xikay, I do appreciate it…and you didn’t miss one mark in ur interpretation :) The fish is back in the river now.

    1. you better watch the “fish” well. other fishermen are around. why did you not put the fish in the pond?

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