(H)Aiku/ Hi Coup/ High Coo/ Haiku- EPISODES 1-3

(H)Aiku/ Hi Coup/ High Coo/ Haiku- EPISODES 1-3


(H)Aiku – We never Die

Yes, we never die

We will live on forever

Lie, for we all must




Leaves and shades of green

Cluster minds of the aged

Leaving bright rays here



forEVER is nEVER

Never ever will

The weather bring glad tidings

Forever we’ll wait

14 thoughts on “(H)Aiku/ Hi Coup/ High Coo/ Haiku- EPISODES 1-3” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. Hmm…Yes, we’ll wait…


  3. Haiku, that’s that Japanese poem writing style,right?

  4. Thank you guys. And yes @Scopeman, it is oh. Remember I told you I was writing a series based on it? This is it!

  5. @ayokunle, no com break our thinking skulls o!!!

  6. @Ayokunle Falomo, biko, cool down with the ‘this is it’ phrase o! Since one of our Uncle’s die, we don dey cool down with that term. :)
    Lovely poems. would suggest though that in the third line of the first poem, there should be an exclamation in place of the comma after Lie.
    I enjoyed the work. What is the story behind Haiku?
    Well done on all. The poems are simply, clear and interesting…

    1. You will pardon me for responding to this almost 2 years later @Sueddie. Thanks a lot! Your suggestion is right on point!

      1. @aryor: You know you didn’t say the story behind the Haiku, ja?
        do I have to wait another two years? :)

        1. @Sueddie Ha, no be so oh oga. There’s really no story behind it, was just trying to experiment with the form :)

  7. Ol’boy me I no wan wait forever o……..lol. Loved them all.

    Well done!!!

    1. Mr Lawal, @easylife2, this is coming really really late…but THANKS!

  8. I’m just reading this…I know I’m late,but I can’t help saying its a nice poem.

    1. Thank you @Mimiadebayo, I haven’t been on here in a long time. Thanks for bringing me out!

      1. Oh! So this is the way you even came out… @mimiadebayo , maybe we should commission you to go wake the dying embers of most of our members o…
        Hmm :)

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