Geebee’s Trip. Episode 12 – Taking The Plunge

Geebee’s Trip. Episode 12 – Taking The Plunge

Madam L’s one thousand naira went a long way. I was quite thrilled by the fact that this woman gave me that much on first contact and I was sure there was a lot more where that came from. This was in 2004, remember. It wasn’t as if Chief never gave me enough money. In fact, he did but he never ever gave me one thousand naira for a transport fare that would take fifty naira or less back then.

The next day, I was at Madam L’s doorstep at a minute to ten and getting the location proved quite easy. I had to behold Madam L’s abode from outside for a while before venturing in and I could hardly hide my admiration at this wonderful edifice. It was indeed a magnificient building. The interior of the building made the exterior look like a pauper’s deal. I could practically ‘taste the money’. From the leather settees, the LCD screen (quite uncommon in 2004), the mini bar, the accessories etc, I could visualize the ‘good life’ in its entirety. Of course I was not from a poor home. My dad was quite very comfortable by normal standards but I had to admit this was a lot better.
“Geebee, how are you?” my new student said, beaming with smiles. Suddenly she looked so beautiful and for a minute I forgot she was the forty-something-year-old-looking-twenty-nine-year-old.
“I’m . . . I’m okay” I managed to say and wondered why I was suddenly stuttering.
“What should I offer you?” she asked as she walked towards the giant refrigerator at the passage. I noticed her backside and observed that she did not seem to be wearing any thing underneath the gown to protect that region. A shiver ran through my spine and I found it pretty difficult to breathe.

A little time must have passed as her full figure filled my view and jolted me back to reality as I realized she was right in front of me bending to serve the juice she had brought into a glass.
“Are you okay, Geebee?” she asked concernedly and I felt instantly ashamed that I was making such a fool of myself. What the hell was I thinking? I wondered angrily.
“I’m okay, Madam L,” I said, managing a smile.
“Okay o.” she said as she took a seat on one of the leather seats nearby. Her perfume filled the air and I felt like choking. Somehow, the scent was not too pleasant to my nostrils. I began to sip my juice, trying to compose myself in the best way I could.

We were silent for a good while and it was frustrating. I was out of words and she did not seem to be helping matters by keeping quiet and seating so close by. I constantly assured myself that I couldn’t possibly be interested in this woman. One, she was older than me by far. Two, she was married. Three, she had kids. Four, my dad would kill me if he ever got wind of me doing any thing stupid with a married woman. Five, it was plain stupid to even think of doing such . . . the list in my head was endless . . . but the silence was killing and someone had to break this damned ice.

I finally summoned up courage.
“So how’s the family ma?” I asked casually.
I noticed the slight frown on her face again and I was sure right then she did not like the ‘ma’ word. She proved it almost immediately.
“Geebee, first thing. I don’t like you calling me ‘ma’. We’re both students, remember. My name is Lovina. Call me Lovina.”
“But everyone calls you Madam L,” I challenged playfully.
“I know but you can call me Lovina or anything but don’t use ‘ma’ for me.”
“Okay, no problem.” I concurred.

Within a few minutes, I had totally forgotten I was there to put her through on her weak courses. She did not seem to remember either. I felt more relaxed and on her probing, I took some liquor. I guess that sort of boosted my confidence then. We talked about a lot of things, ranging from lecturers to nasty students to movies (she loved Nigerian movies and I hated them) and finally we talked about family. She was so touched when I told her my parents were separated and I had a step mom. I was surprised I was letting out my frustrations so freely to this woman. She had a listening ear and that further made me tell her so much about me. She also talked about herself, telling me she got married at seventeen against her wish, had five kids, the oldest was fourteen and the youngest was two. I wondered then how a twenty-nine year old woman would have a child of fourteen and claim to have gotten married at seventeen. I buried the thought immediately.

She also talked about how her husband mistreated her and slept around with women, beat her often and how she was tired of her marriage but was staying in it for her children’s sake etcetera etcetera. She had a more touching story and at a point she broke into tears. I was so moved and without thinking I went to sit beside her and pulled her to myself. She sobbed for a good while in my arms and I could feel my groin hardening and my heart racing at an alarming speed. Right then, I knew this woman would never be ‘just my student’ and I prayed silently for the strength to do the right thing. My spirit was very much willing and I hoped my flesh would not be weak.



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  1. ha ha ha ha!!!! Gosh! I have missed Geebees trips!..Nice one, I truly hope the flesh holds up…I doubt that very much though…lol

  2. ya ya ya ya…o boy!!! there is fire on the mountain o! and i think running is not a bad option?….well done for this lovely piece

  3. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oho oho oho!!!Nice one!

  4. Well done Geebee, interesting story, it is the first that I am reading from this series. However, there seemed to be a few issues with consistency here; one with the age of the lady, you gave two different indications as to her age. Then, you told us that she sat beside him after serving the juice, then you later tell us how the MC moves over to her side to console her when she started crying. I think you should look into them. Well done.

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