Charity: My Worst Day Ever

Charity: My Worst Day Ever

Charity laid in bed after watching the news on NTA Channel ten Lagos. It was twenty minutes past the hour of ten, when she was done with her quiet time.That night she was finding it very difficult to sleep because she keept on recalling what happen during the day, The termed ‘worst day of her life ever’.

It was a Monday, Mondays in Lagos are very busy days, the main roads and expressways are busy, the pedestrian walks are filled with people hurrying from a place to another. These makes Charity wake as early as 4:30am to get set for work but on this Monday, Charity awoke by 5:47am.When she looked at her clock, she ran mad with fury, she couldn’t believe her alarm would fail her like that. She hurried over her bible readings and prayers. This was very unusual because she had to use a lantern, there was no power supply, ran out of fuel the other day and her weird neighbor borrowed her rechargeable lamp to read for test four days ago without returning it.

As she got out of the bathroom, she took out one of the office wears she ironed during the weekend. Just then she noticed the dim light coming from the lantern, she replaced the suit and ran to the kitchen to get kerosene for the lantern, with the little light the lamp could offer she found the gallon for kerosene but it was empty.

“Shit!” She gasped.

Without light she got dressed for work. It was 7:13am when she got into her car, she knew she couldn’t beat traffic anymore, so she accepted her fate.
“Thank God I fixed my AC last week” she said to herself as she approached traffic just few meters from her estate’s gate, she turned on the radio. The vehicles were not moving more than a foot in ever minute, so, she decided to take off her shoes.

As her Eyes met her shoes, she shrieked, she looked at herself from chest to toe.The day did not only start bad for charity it was getting worse. She had on a white camisole on a navy blue skirt, a black and brown stripped jacket, red shoes and a purple bag. She totally freaked out.
Charity had always been a ‘three P’ principled Lady, which means prim, prompt and proper, she portrays herself as simple but unique, many of her female colleagues envied her. For a fashion icon like charity she was to be fined.
Charity thought of buying another office wear from any road side boutique. Then it struck her, she had no money. Immediately voice rang out in her head saying, “Thank God for ATM”
She was searching for the ATM card when her phone started ringing, she attached her earpiece to her phone to receive the call. Hearing her boss’s voice on the other line caught her off guard, she had completely forgotten, she was supposed to represent her company to get a huge contract but unfortunately, she was in a huge mess up.
“Charity, a-re are you there” he stammered, after saying hello twice without getting any response.
“Sir” she coughed.
“I won’t be at the office till 10:30am, I have family issues, can you fill in for me? A representative from Universal oil and gas would be coming to drop a proposal in an hour” He said hurriedly.
“Um, S-ir, I’m not at the office, I’m in traffic” she replied
“That’s strange” he soliloquized but audible for charity to hear.
“But I hope you would be at the office before the meeting with Endowed PLC” he added
“I hope so too” she thought
“Certainly” she whispered panicking
“Alright then, Emeka would handle the business”
“Okay………” The line went dead.
“Oga and his endless problems” she murmured.
Ever since she started working with Mr Philips, he had always had a problem and another with his wife and her family members.
Three months ago, Mrs. Philips came accusing his secretary of having a love affair with her husband. Mr Philips secretary, Esther was very embarrassed that day, she didn’t know what to say or do and unfortunately, Mr. Philips was on a business trip. No one could calm the ranting house wife. Charity had to report to her boss when the workers couldn’t bear the heat anymore. She made not just a scene but a movie that fateful day, no one expected that from a learned and pretty lady, some even wondered how a charming man like Mr. Philip ended up with the frequent trouble shooter, many concluded that it was an arranged marriage.
Mr. Philip had to board the next flight to Lagos to intervene.
She knew she was doing something before the phone call but couldn’t recall what it was. One glance at her skirt made her remember.
“This day is becoming worse by every minute” she lamented.
Charity got to her place of work by 9:15am, instead of 7; 30am.The board meeting with Endowed PLC was scheduled for 10:00am.As she walked into the office, she wanted the earth to open and swallow her because of the different pairs, sizes and colors of eyes piercing through her skin.
Like every other day she forced a smile and said a quick hello to everyone she saw but that didn’t stop their side talks.
She got her files ready and left for her meeting, the conference was supposed to have members from other press companies and advertising agencies and it did have them. On her way, she pray earnestly for the meeting to be cancelled or postponed but it seemed God said no to her prayers. She reminded her self every minute on how important the contract was to her company.

“This way please” the receptionist told her and another man who had been sitting next to her, she was glad that the man didn’t look at her as weird but she noticed the receptionist shaking her head and smiling mischievously as she walked towards her, but charity ignored her.
During the meeting she felt a little bit at ease because the table was tall enough to cover to her absurd outfit. She was shocked when the CEO of Endowed PLC selected her company for the contract.

She was given the remaining part of the day off. On her way home, she didn’t forget to buy new batteries for her alarm clock, petrol and kerosene.
When she entered into her sitting room, the first thing she saw was the flash light she was looking for earlier in the day, it was on the tv stand close to her television set, she could remember one of her neighbor returned it to lend the rechargeable lamp and instead of returning it to the usual place, she put it beside her tv.
“Gosh” she spat out in anger.
She made sure she picked out her cloth and shoe for the next day, she also fuel her gen and changed the batteries of her clock.
It played back like a movie.
This time she was woken by her alarm at 3:30 am, she got to the office by 7:35 am and to her surprise almost all the females in her office were putting on cloths similar to what she wore the previous day.

“Crazy” she intoned as she got to her desk.

8 thoughts on “Charity: My Worst Day Ever” by IBKinx (@blessing)

  1. Okay IBKinx, I’m sure by now you’ve figured that this needs ‘a lot’ of editing. Patience is vital for a writer no matter how good you thin you are, I’ve learned that recently. There were several typos and tense errors in this piece, I’d recommemd a rewrite even.
    You are good, no doubt, you just need to give yourself time to grow to become that brilliant writer you can be, hm.


  3. A very interesting story line, truly- especially females copying another’s fashion gaffe. I concur with the others on putting more time into your writing- Grammar, Capitalization, Sentence Structure and Punctuation needs work, i am guessing you hurriedly put it up. Good effort!

  4. Loved the story idea, but this sure need a lotta work as has been said. It also wasn’t easy on the eyes at all, as regards spacing.

    Well done!!!

  5. Can’t blame the females for dressing along. Maybe that was her lucky charm>

    Nice write. The others have mentioned some things you need to look into.

    Keep writing.

  6. Ditto what everyone has said about tenses, spelliing, capitalisation. A couple of things that jump out at me:

    ‘Office wears’ should be ‘office wear’ or just ‘office clothes’. ‘Wears’ is really not standard English.

    ‘Trouble shooter’ should be ‘trouble maker’. A troubleshooter is actually someone who fixes trouble – that’s a mistake I myself used to make. :)

    Also, I hardly think it was her worst day, given that she ended up getting the contract for her company. But I liked the ending – very amusing.

  7. They’ve said it all. I don vamoose from here. Pianwuuuu!!!!!!!!

  8. nice read other than the already mentioned corrections

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