Best I Ever Had

Best I Ever Had


Friend you know what?

These words are of great worth

Cos I’ve tried to write for years

But all I do was shed tears

Since you left I couldn’t write

’Cos I don’t know what is right

You never looked back

After you left me in the dark


Knowing that you are my sight

You left with my light

Knowing that you are the word in my world

You left my world with no word


You left with my sense of humour

Leaving me to this life horror

You discarded me like a used pad

I thought I was going to run mad


Our friendship was deeper than ocean

Reason I now live in illusion

If time were to be in my hand

I wouldn’t have allowed our friendship plane to land


All pleas to bring you back was in vain

Even when somber blood flows in my vein

’Tried a lot but I couldn’t hate you

’Cos hatred makes me look like a fool


You said my nonchalant attitude gives you heat

Every moment with you I tried to change it

But I couldn’t, it’s my nature

In your eyes I don’t care for the future



‘Wish I could be the picture you want

But I couldn’t my personality gives me hunt

Belief me friend your departure makes me sad

Cos you are the best I ever had



To you I may not be the best

But belief me you are always my first

When I told the world you’ve given it an end

I was told you were never my friend


I was blind to see I’m all alone

’was deaf to notice the change in your tone

You were never in our relationship

Reason plunge befell our ship


Whenever I remember your ‘leave me alone’

I keep to myself and stand on my own

For years I’ve been living in solitary

Hoping one day you will come to hear my sorry


I miss you is not enough to tell my feelings

I want you back is not enough to tell me yearning

I will be good is not enough to tell my promise

You know the truth in my lie, you I really miss


If you give me a second chance

To your tone I promise to dance

To show you gratitude

I will give change to my attitude


Let’s forget our heart pain

And look forward to the relief rain

Let’s build our friendship on the rock of trust

Let’s bury our past deep in earth’s crust


You know it, you are all I have

Without you I’m just an half

You are my word and action

The motivation behind my notion


The ink in my pen

You are the one (1) in my ten (10)

Without you I’m zero

You are the ingredient that makes me Milo


Since you left me

I haven’t been me

Your departure really makes me sad

Cos you are the best I ever had



If truly you are mine

Then you won’t taste in my life like lime

You would have spent with me a lifetime

Seems you consider my love for you a crime


Knowing that we were the best peer

Yet you gave me a shock beyond tears

Losing you was my greatest fear

When I lost you I had my bad years


You left without a trace

And since then I never see you face

On this chair you once sat I gaze

But all I see is space


I’ve search for you in lost sea

But you I did not see

I look for you in the sky

Until I couldn’t bear the sun heat I cry


I have searched to the end of the stream

I have slept in hope to see you in my dream

’Wonder if you are lost to me or to the world?

Cos you are no where to be heard in word


Wish you can see the tears from my heart

It flows and forms the word apart

For we are no longer a part

We’ve been torn apart


We might not be friend again

To avoid the past pain

But please let me see you again

To feel the comfort your presence gives like rain


I will keep living in your memory

That I will remember when I’m to write our story

That you were my best friend

And my love for you never end


’Guess we are not destined to be together

But does that mean I shouldn’t see you forever?

Your disappearance makes me sad

Cos you are the best I ever had

8 thoughts on “Best I Ever Had” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Reads like the lyrics to a song, perhaps you should consider that, lol… Long but lovely poem, well done.

  2. Ditto @Scopeman, long but lovely poem!

  3. Oh biy eh…..U use one 80 leaves long note write this son-sorry, poem? Hehehe…Watch Ur tenses. Nice one.

  4. Belief and tone, watch where you used them. Believe and tune would have made more sense to me. @xikay, hmmm?

    A very nice poem though. Really loved it. This girl must be a black angel.

    1. @jaywriter, yeah you’re right…i even missed it out

  5. The typos and tense errors didn’t make this a fun read…but I was able to connect to the hurt…the pain in spite of all that.

    Little details always count in the long run. Learn to pay attention to them.

  6. Nice but check some typos.

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