When I Am Silent

When I Am Silent

when i am silent

and my breath on earth is spent

never again to speak a word

nor task the noisy cord

will my prayers long said

give me the bliss for which i’ve prayed

when i am silent

and empty becomes my tent

will the lips of men

pray for my soul with amen

or shall their curses and and oaths

give me a lot among the goats


Lord, when i am silent

may my soul to thee be sent

22 thoughts on “When I Am Silent” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. This is nice. The rhythm is tight! Good one

  2. a young man like you shouldn’t be writing poems about death… No mind me abeg… Just joking. Nice one.

  3. really nice Xikay!

  4. @idoko, hmmmm…you can say that again
    @jesfaraurmax, thanks…waiting to see your story

  5. Very nice, but I expect nothing less from U na. I love the brevity of it. And the message was clear for us simpletons who don’t know how to decipher meanings from long, convoluted poems.

  6. @raymond, see who’s talking d master horror teller himslf, thanks

  7. I say a big Amen to your prayer bro… Nice piece too.

  8. I say Amen too oh…LORD, when I am silent, may my soul to you be sent…that’s what everybody wants, and I’m no exception. It’s simple, and universal, LOVE IT. I get one question though, which one be “tasking the noisy cord” o jare! Abeg explain, lol. And and, I’m forced to say a word got repeated on the poem, but I won’t…so don’t mind me..just trying to find fault with the master, ahaha.

  9. @ayokunle, i pray thee, tell me where the crack in the wall is before my house falls on me, thats why we’re all here…as for the line, task the noisy cord,..[NOISY because we argue and shout… CORDS which we use to speak..TASK we no more use them once dead… THE DEAD DONT SPEAK ABI?]…so i meant, when i am dead and can no longer speak…its just to bring out the rhymes and veil the meaning.

    1. Hmm, makes a lot of sense. I just had to ask, lol…I dey try learn from you, you know? And and, about the crack in the wall, check the words I repeated in both of my comments (this one and the first one, lol), I disguised it, but you didn’t catch it, ahaha.

    1. yeah, it was repeated on the second to the last line, lol… (don’t mind me, just being mischievous)

  10. Good one. Quite deep too.

  11. @ayokunle, you should work for EFCC, bad guy with eagle eye…THANKS
    @jaywriter, thanks bro.

    1. EFCC, Here I come, ahaha.

  12. @ayokunle, we go soon send you go exile

  13. Like the poem. Short and to the point. Didn’t feel much of the poetic effects though except for rhyme. I think that the poem would benefit from some reworking though.
    For message, I can only say great one. One question though, what if the persona dies to wake up that it is not a Lord that sits on the throne but a supernatural force of one of those conflicting religions… ? Well, well done.

  14. really?!, u said it…thanks

  15. Deeply moving.

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