Unveiling a giant masquerade

Unveiling a giant masquerade


This is no curse by the crossed-eyed old woman

with one tooth living in your father’s village

Nor is it an illness that the virgin blood of a

young girl just starting to live her life can cure.


A mother weeps everyday for that lost child,

covering her graying head with the garment of shame.

Mourning a beloved life cut short in its prime as she

sits in an empty house rattling with painful memories.


But shame brings silence and silence only sure death.

For in error, we waste important moments needed to talk

with loved ones about getting help and continue

to bury our dead under the guise of falsehood.


How many more loved ones are we each

prepared to lose before we would stand as one

and dare to unveil in public and private places,

this fierce giant masquerade called AIDS.


Unveiling a roving spirit that has kept us captive,

while the young and old lay dying across our lands.

Standing up and shouting painful secrets in the hope

that  others may hear our stories and live.


Yejide Kilanko © 2011

7 thoughts on “Unveiling a giant masquerade” by yejide kilanko (@yejide-kilanko)

  1. *clapping*, *lapping*, *PING*…well done…i like the poem and its message…

    1. Thanks Xikay :)

  2. Good message. Loved the poem as well. The last two lines were very deep. Nice write.

  3. The beginning and the end lines wowed me. Very good!

  4. I am hugely impressed Yejide, you really are good! Keep up the good work…

  5. cogent thematic preoccupation… i see you also engaged in Acrostic.

    1. Dude,I had to crack open my dictionary to decode your post. Make you dey take am easy for us :)

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