This Poem

This Poem

I am a Nigger
You are a honky
And we are both this poem.
Our poetry ate hate and defecated political correctness
Like a puritan’s vest sent forth to cleanse monkeys
It is St Andrew’s and John’s missionaries
One subjugated, the other indoctrinated, while God smiled unabashed

Our poetry is bloodthirsty
A grinning hunger stoked by burning children
And kept alive by turbans thrusting laden women
In the Saharan heat

It is my tribe
With strongly painted diatribes
For un-natural is the other tribe
And their stain we can’t imbibe

Our poetry made them civil
Savages with intricate cultures learning “Good mornings”
So they can seem men,
While Tarzan is hailed King

Our poetry is called Jim Crow, Black separatists,
“Massa”, KKK, Black Panther, Aryan Skinheads.
Couched in Anglophones, Francophones, Negrophones,
Lusophones, Arabophones and Hispanophones,
It killed William Wallace,
Shot Luther King, jailed Mandela,
Fed the Middle Kingdom opium
And made ancient Egyptians two races

I am a Nigger
You are a honky
And what beautiful resounding poetry we make together,
Its verses echoing through time
Like it were stuck on rewind, rewind, rewind….

1) This is my adaptation of Allan Hope’s (also known as Mutabaruka) poem titled “This Poem”.
2) “Honky” is a derogatory racial slur for white people

11 thoughts on “This Poem” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. @LD, THIS IS A VERY SENSIBLE POEM, i liked its touch with history and its allusions…i wonder you did not maintain the 4line stanza all through… well done

    1. Thanks for the compliment.
      About the 4line stanza….. that was deliberate. Wanted to pace the reader, slow him/her down abit at the parts I considered to be the middle/body of the poem.

      If you have noticed the 1st 4line stanza sorta invokes violence in Northern africa (Deserts) by arabs/berbers against dark skinned africans…e.g Darfur, libya…etc, the second inter-tribal animosity/hatred while the third is the kinda racism expressed by europeans against africans …..

  2. nice one here.. I see nothing wrong in not maintaining the 4 line stanza..

  3. Beautiful…great scope…

  4. Nice one here.

  5. @idoko, i did not say it was wrong..i said i wondered why it was not and he gave a satisfactory answer….

  6. A very good poem with lotta depth.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments…

  8. brilliant piece Ld, it reads like a very mature effort… Well done.

  9. Nice work here!!!

  10. I’m loving it…………

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