The Power Of Your Vote  Is The Key To Your Destiny

The Power Of Your Vote Is The Key To Your Destiny

Elections are here again, that time of the year everybody and anybody begins campaigning. That time of the year politicians promise heaven on earth and some promise to tap power supply directly from the sun. Some Nigerians are earnestly looking forward to the forthcoming general elections, simply because everybody is advocating for change. Even though most Nigerians have a lackadaisical attitude towards the elections and cannot be bothered performing a responsibility that will help safeguard and protect our future, voters have sold theirs for 20 pieces of cowries. I cannot but shudder at the fact that some people don’t advocate change and do not know the power they have in their votes.  This is the time where not only power changes hands but money also.

Now is the time we say enough is enough. No more mago-mago politics. Enough of the promises. How many times have we sold our birthright for pieces of silver? Only to resell to the highest bidder four years after. Our vote is the key to our future and we must be varying of politicians who promise and will not fulfill. You may not want to cast your votes come April, but tell me what will you tell your children you did on that day? That you sat at home watched TV cracked jokes, ridiculed the elections over a bottle of beer and a bowl of nkwobi?

The choices we make or don’t make will determine the direction of our future and destiny for the next four years. You might decide to sell your votes, you might decide to do a no show on Election Day after all what’s the point in voting since this election was conducted four years ago and we already know the outcome of the elections.

If we say we need good governance and do not come out to vote, then we are not ready for change. But if we come out enmasse and protect our votes and our right to vote.

If after fifty years of independence we cannot boast of steady power supply and we are happy the way we are with the incessant war of generators going on around us, or we are happy with the rate of kidnappings that seems to be progressing geometrically? Or even the death traps called roads? If we love where we are, then by all means sit down and home and let the music play on with a plate of fried meat.

However, if you desire change then now is the time to protect our investment, our right and our future? If we miss out on this and not vote then someone else will steal our votes and that my friend is called rigging. And rigging will continue until you and I put a stop to it.

The only way to protect our votes and put an end to rigging includes four basic and simple steps called RSVP – Register-Select-Vote-Protect

The first step would be to register to vote, which I believe we all must have done.

Then we must select our choice candidate we believe will or might bring about the much needed change.

Then we must vote for our candidate(s) out of our best interest and not because we were bribed, cajoled or threatened to vote for that choice of candidate.

Then we must Protect our vote, our right and our legacy by all means, after the  last vote has been cast, make sure you wait and let the votes be counted in your presence and know the results of your ward.

The power is in our votes!

God bless us all



11 thoughts on “The Power Of Your Vote Is The Key To Your Destiny” by ximena (@ximena)

  1. God bless you too. Nice words to help inspire us for the elections. Enjoyed reading.

  2. Very good write up. The neutral political stance is the best view point. Very encouraging. A must read for all.


  4. thanks guys,i like that the message has been passed across and xikay, i am a sis not a bro … lol

  5. @ximena, really…my apologies then ma’am

  6. Hiii… Your Excellency, Her Crazy Majesty (or aren’t you the my former facebook presido? I guess you are shaa) *winks* And I can bet you entered this contest just to pass this powerful message across. Register, Support, Vote & Protect (RSVP) Yes o! We will do just that. Especially as 12years of PDPism is more than enough! Buhari is the man! *winks*

    Meanwhile, Biko, Ejoo, Abeg remember to comment on my THE NEO-JUJU o! Thanks sweetie

    1. @King kObOkO, u sabi do rally o, lolz

  7. This is good.

    Well done!!!

  8. Good one. Some parts of the middle read somewhat like an uneven road. However, the message was there. Nice one. Love th RSVP thingy…


  10. good delivery of a vital message,
    R.S.V.P all the way…

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