The Outcast

The Outcast

This one was inspired by @cikko907 ‘s Poem Einstein. The Very First line actually! I saw that line, and just zoned out into the world of the MC of my poem….Yeah, I think I still need to read his entire poem though, ahaha.

Here is:


I feel like I’m an outcast, I don’t belong here

Others around me are happy, while I am downcast, I don’t belong here

Ugh! Can you shut that damn baby up? So annoyingly loud

Thank Goodness, now he’s silent

But eww, what is that milky liquid she’s feeding him, disgusting, it should not be allowed

And that’s the same liquid that would soon make the crying baby vibrant

Running all around the place, knocking things around, not being compliant

To the rules I set, teeny weeny little criminals, they do deserve a confinement

Oh poor you! I’m sorry I’m not like the rest of you, I don’t belong here

Tranquility is what I need, I don’t want to hear the Nightingale sing her song here

Take it far away into the wilderness, far away from here

Take it with you to a distant place where I won’t hear

Oh it’s a beautiful world! Like I should believe that!

When these pigs trample on pearls, how can I forgive that?

I don’t want to hear a sound, not even the sound of my own thought

Silence they say is golden, If only I had enough, it would be bought

Oh, I hear some say the ocean makes them calm

I mean come on, it’s still noise, oh maybe I should read a Psalm

I would search anywhere to find peace, except from the crooks who claim to read palms

There is no prize too high to pay for this

I need peace within, when everything around me looks like an abyss

There is no order, everything is amiss

One of the most cherished things I miss

And yet you want me to enjoy this, instead I’ll hiss

Look at the flowers, hmm I agree, it’s beautiful

The yellow, the bright red, the bluish green, the yellow, who wouldn’t love this?

Of course you’re right, ME, how pitiful!

There has to be something wrong with them, nothing is that perfect

Oh, and yes I’m right, smell them, horrible!

You have to agree with me that the disdain I have for this world is plausible

I guess you think I need help, maybe clinical

Or you think my condition is hopeless, that it’s critical

But don’t worry about me, I’m not like you, cos I don’t belong here



11 thoughts on “The Outcast” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. Do i belong here? Guess so, nice read…

  2. Good…a great piece

  3. Good read…well done but i did not grasp it all.

  4. Hehehe. So, where do U belong then? Nice one. I just admired the work. Trying to grasp it go turn to WAEC for me. Hehehe.

  5. Thank you all. I appreciate the comments…and @xikay, @Raymond (Thanks for the admiration Sir) kinda gave you the answer to that one, don’t try to grasp it all, ahahaha, Just kidding.

  6. looking at it again, i think its a disgruntled man/HUSBAND who is psychologically disturbed…pissed off about things…

    1. Yeah, there you go! Disgruntled is right! Psychological disturbed, that’s right too. That’s why he’s far removed from the emotions other people around him feels; joy, appreciation for nature, love…hence why he himself says he doesn’t belong here, cos he doesn’t see/feel what they see/feel.

  7. Very nice piece. Got it at once. Think it was clear what was going on. It might be open to more interpretations though. Reminded me of Click starring Adam Sandler. Enjoyed reading it. Guess most people feel like that sometimes.

    1. Now I’ll have to go watch the movie…Thanks @Jaywriter for the homework, lol. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this, also glad you got what was going on. And you’re right, we all do sometimes, ok maybe not that extreme, but still we do.

  8. There are actually people like this, people I know, they can be tough to deal with atimes,… most times.

  9. it was like I was………. chai…….. interesting piece here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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