The Electorate

The Electorate

Their big grammar scatters my brain
“Emancipation, Rehabilitation
Transparency, Fruitful democracy”
My poor head reels from grammar bombs,
but “Chop, I Chop,” I understand
so I cast my vote, my liberty.

Now they sing a different tune
stomachs full with wine and spoils
they’ve become Lords of the ring
Chop, I Chop” was not to be,
now they chop, and chop alone
while I die, I die, I die alone.

Tomorrow still the circle starts
“Manifestos, Sweet potatoes
Propaganda, Vile Agendas”
I am the grass, they the elephants,
but I’ll cast my votes to who bids most
at least half bread… it betters none!

8 thoughts on “The Electorate” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. This is a simple straightforward poem. Wish more of us would think about it like this.

  2. Hit its mark without saying much, i recommend as a nice and easy read.

  3. I love this… Like the two comments have suggested, it’s straight to the point but loses none of its meaning. My favourite lines were “now they chop, and chop alone/ while I die, I die, I die alone.”

  4. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    It is a simple poem like others have said, but it surely will benefit from some tightening. Like the message

  5. very good one you have here bu i beg you no cast for the highest bidder o!!!

  6. The disillusioned voter, calling them electorate sounds ironical. That’s probably the mindset of some people, if not most people. I know with time, this mindset will change. A very nice poem.

  7. I like am. I like am pass bcos say e hit the nail on the head finish.

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