Some Friendships Are Written In Blood

Some Friendships Are Written In Blood

Have you ever loved someone?
I mean truly loved someone!
With that little heart in your chest!
Where you know it matters.
He may be a guy!
She may be a gal!
This kind of love knows no bound!

It is full of pain and misery.
Its hard, dark and lovely.
It is scented with dozens of roses.
Sometimes you ask yourself:
“why is it so”?
You’ve look up and down.
Left and right searching for
The source of such unending love.
Oh. And you’ve also failed to realize:
That some friendships are written in blood!

This kind of miracle doesn’t happen often!
You don’t see such smiles in every face!
It can’t be found in your family!
No it is nowhere to be found.
Till is finds you!
It takes you to places you only see in your dreams.
Wakes you up; very early in the morning with
the urges to see and hear more from each other!
What would you do if something you’ve been
Craving for so long suddenly knocks at your door
And asks you to let IT in?
Some shed tears for it.
Some commit suicide seeking it.
Some wage wars on their GOD trying to unravel
It’s mystery.
But it can never be corrupt or broken cause:
Some friendships are written in blood!

It’s different, it doesn’t laugh or cry!
No it’s far beyond what we (humans)
Call love.
It is a ‘thing’ of the gods!
Like a bomb, it would explode on beholders.
It is the boulder that crushes other boulders!
The scent of peace and love in the air.
Something you feel when you fall in love
With a person you’ve never seen before!
This love flows through your veins.
It makes you hungry when you are done
With food.
You can’t buy it..So stop spending.
You can’t bribe it..Please stop trying.
Christians preach about it.
Muslims talk about it!
All religions recognise it!
It is black.
It is white.
It travels from coast to coast.
From one end of the world to another.
But it never loses its colour because:
Some friendships are written in blood!

DATE: 26 Feb. 11
TIME DONE: 14:56

6 thoughts on “Some Friendships Are Written In Blood” by Mr Dickson (@ezereonwu)

  1. mr. dickson, you did well to have spared so much effort on this, well done for that…to be candid with you, you can do much better than what you have here…your structuring and kinda too loose for a poem?…

  2. I will love to see love only from one side, the good side… If not, I see it from the bad side… You did well in seeing it from both sides at the same time… Thumbs up…

  3. I think you could have done a better job with this Mr Dickson, perhaps a little patience would come in handy on this one, hm?

  4. Reads like the lyrics of a song, and that is good. Though not so much if you’re trying to write a poem, maybe freestyle?

    Loved your thoughts on love and friendship sha.

  5. @ezereonwu Love your style, content and overall manner of expresion…

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